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Samsung's Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy Note could be headed to Australian carrier Telstra, if the latest round of rumors is to be believed. According to Ausdroid, which cites its own insider sources at the network, both devices recently made their way into the Telstra's internal systems, suggesting a launch may be on the cards sooner rather than later.

The LTE version of the Galaxy Note is due to launch on AT&T in the U.S., as well as all three major Canadian networks in the weeks ahead, and the Galaxy S II LTE is already available on a range of carriers worldwide. Until now neither phone has seen an official Australian release, however, with Samsung continuing to push both devices aggressively around the world, we wouldn't be surprised to see an Aussie launch in the months ahead.

Source: Ausdroid


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Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II LTE rumored for Telstra in Australia


congrats to the Aussies! great people! they've always been there for us through thick and thin!

Yep, my insider tells me March and was actually testing one at the moment. He reckons it flies, but the bugger wouldn't show me :-(
He also said lots of LTE phones & Tablets being released by Telstra over here in March / April.
Watch this space!