We've seen quite a few of those iPhone thingy-ma-jigs in our favorite TV shows and movies on the silver screen for the past few years. Though recently, it seems like our little robot buddy has been quickly becoming quite the A-lister. In July we spotted the Nexus One being used by Ari Gold and Johnny Drama on HBO's hit show, Entourage

In a recent episode of TV Land's Hot in Cleveland, the son of Valerie Bertinelli's character was spotted using the father of all Android phones, the G1. I guess the G1 is not dead. The question is: When is Android getting its own IMDb page? Thanks Kyle!


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G1 spotted on TV Land's 'Hot in Cleveland'


All the other characters on the show were using BlackBerrys... The more these Android phones show up on the tube the better! Go Andy!

Watch the tv show "The Glades" Lead Actor uses a Droid. Yep the original...and a few times they are show photos on the droid of victims without the typical hollywood os...

Am I the only one who finds it fiting that the show about old ladies in Cleveland had the oldest Android phone on it?

I submitted this piece and I noticed the "old" ladies were using BlackBerrys while the son who is in his 20's was using the G1... I catch myself trying to identify phones i see on TV shows every day now... If you catch an Android phone on the tube, snap a pic and tip the guys at Android Central! I enjoy seeing where Andy is in the television world!