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Audio only streams and support for BBC Sport app on the cards

The UK finally has Chromecast, and with it came BBC iPlayer as a launch partner. Alongside this, the BBC's Chris Yanda, has been explaining why Chromecast support came about and what lies ahead. And it's all good news.

One of the reasons we decided to support Chromecast was that Apple TV currently works only with Apple devices. Chromecast has SDKs available for a number of different platforms including iOS, Android, and the Chrome browser for laptop and desktop computers.

Score one for Chromecast, then. In terms of what lies ahead, the BBC is planning to add Chromecast support to the next version of the iPlayer web client so it can be used in conjunction with Chrome. The good news doesn't end there, either. There's much more to come.

I've already mentioned that the BBC will be enabling Chromecast support for the Chrome web browser on Mac, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS desktop and laptop computers for the new web version of BBC iPlayer, and that we will be looking at adding support for audio-only streams. Aside from this and making tweaks and improvements to the existing BBC iPlayer application, we will also be working with other development teams in the BBC to add Chromecast support to other apps like the BBC Sport app.

Brits had to wait a while to get hold of Chromecast, but with big time support promised from a major media outlet like the BBC we're excited to see how it takes off.

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The future looks bright for the BBC and Chromecast


Anyone else getting errors? I'm on an imported Chromecast, I had to reset the Chromecast so the cast icon would show up. I cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, reinstalled app, but still when I play one TV show if I go to play another I get session error and nothing streams.

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That sucks. No issues here on a U.S. Chromecast. I had to relaunch the app the first time to kickstart things, but it all works like a charm.

I sent an email to BBC they replied back that over the past two evenings in a row, BBC iPlayer has suffered an outage for around 2 hours affecting both live and on-demand programmes. Since the email it's all worked fine for and I've not had any issues with session error popping up... So far that is!

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Turns out the issue was the Chromecast firmware version. Eventually after ten (yes, ten!) reboots it downloaded a new firmware version - all now working fine, with no session errors. Nice having live streaming in addition to previous programmes.

I've found that if another app is casting the icon won't show up.

Also, any news the BT Sport App?

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It's great to see that they're supporting Chromecast so well, but there have got to be a *bunch* of people who are pissed that they're not going to see Apple TV support. That seems like an annoying move by BBC.

Screw Apple. Chromecast even supports their lousy platform. Apple likes to live in their own world. And they will slowly suffocate there too.

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I don't think Sky will ever support Chromecast. They will do everything they can to prevent people using an alternative to their 'Multiroom' offering. That's why the don't allow the app to work on rooted devices.

Yeah Sky have their stuff locked down tighter than a drum skin, they just aren't going to support what they consider to be rival media and technology.

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We'll probably get NOW TV though. Different subscription model (and expensive) but does at least offer some of the Sky premium content.

To be fair to them Android back then wasn't what it is today, the software has matured and the user base is massive now.

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I'd be even happier if it worked (rather than giving session errors) and if they hadn't broken the Nexus 7 download functionality!

Does the iPlayer radio app work with Chromecast or is it strictly just the iPlayer app for now

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Just the iPlayer app. The radio streams aren't encoded in a format Chromecast supports at the moment. In the comments Chris had commented:

"Right now, the streaming encoders that we're using for our online radio content are not compatible with the media player in Chromecast. There is already a project in the BBC to upgrade this encoding technology. Once this is done, we plan to work with the BBC iPlayer Radio team to help them add Chromecast support, but there is no firm date for when this will happen."