MyTouch 3G Slide

T-Mobile-centric news site TmoNews has gotten word from someone on the inside that a pair of issues have been discovered in the Froyo update package for the MyTouch 3G Slide. The first seems to be a glitch in the WiFi calling feature that prevents it from working correctly. The second is much more serious as the update file is being directed towards a partition on the phone that is not large enough to hold it. Their source also claims that HTC is aware of the issues and is already working on getting them ironed out so hopefully the wait won't be too long until the update is ready for general release. [TmoNews]


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Froyo update for MyTouch 3G Slide delayed


Damn you samsung for delaying the MyTouch 3G Slide Froyo update! Wait, what? You mean HTC also does a crappy job at updating some of their phones too?

*rolls eyes*

lmao. All manufacturers have huge problems building and distributing Android, and always will. They only use it because it's free, and is a big draw to new customers. I'm sure they spend more time working on their own BREW OS's than they do Android.

At least HTC is trying to work things out, and has let their customers know they're working on it. Samsung doesn't give a crap. We Galaxy S owners should have had upgrades to 2.2 months and months ago, and were told we would, then nothing...

Grrr. I need some apps2SD in my life! The whole "I'm too slow b/c you've put too many apps on my internal" thing is getting a bit old. I mean don't get me wrong, I love the Sense UI and literally everything else about the phone, but they should've added more internal memory OR hurried up and gotten out Froyo sooner...Which actually it looks like had they added more internal memory then Froyo might be out already. Gotta love hindsight.