Fring video chat between Android and iPhone

The Fring app for the iPhone got an update today (see our previous Android-related hands-on) that lets it play nice with Android (and Symbian, too). That means us Android users can have video chats with our misbegotten friends who shelled out for the new shiny thing from Apple. We recommend you show off using your Android phone left-handed, in the middle of a large city, while installing whatever you want. Just to give 'em a hard time, ya know?

Want to see it in action? Check out the video after the break (and check out TiPB's here) where we chat it up with's Rene Ritchie on his newfangled iThingy. [Fring]

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deaofly says:

Wow I hate Apple but the iPhone is a great no matter how you look at it. I'm glad it finally got updated. I been telling my cuz who's a die hard iPhone lover to get the new iPhone so we can Vid chat. But he said Hell with the new iPhone and all of its problems. He rather wait another year for a new iPhone. He loves my Evo, but is very used to the iPhone and the ios and stuck with a 2 year contract. And to all the Hatters on the front facing camera and video chatting, with the Evo and iPhone , its a whole new ballgame and Vid chat will take off faster. It's only a matter of time till other phones and carriers start using it. Even if they use WiFi only, its still a start till they get it rolled out with the 4g LTE networks.

cjmedina says:

Sweet. Now I'm gonna have tons more people to call

melnick7 says:

fring never works for me

melnick7 says:

update: ok it finally worked! got on fring with my bro on his iphone in las vegas. I am in chicago with me evo.
A little choppy but worked!

ClinchDroid says:

Do you need a front facing camera for Fring to work? Will it work with my Moto Droid? Thanks for the info if anyone knows.

MowDownJoe says:

It'll work just fine on your Droid. Just keep a mirror on hand so you can see the reflection of your screen.

Ky772 says:

Ugh, Rene is such an ugly mofo.

icebike says:

Oh Joy, more nostrils to look up.

Please people, hold the damn phone higher.

bhedges says:

My guess is that Jobs will eliminate Fring from the Apple market place because of this functionality.

syphex says:

I haven't been able to login all afternoon. I wonder if this update is the reason why even though i'm on the evo which didn't get updated.

icebike says:

Wow that was some crappy connection.
I think I'll wait for a native Skype.

Yeah I can't see myself using this video chat. Text for me.

VDub2174 says:

I wanna try it out..............when I get my EVO :p

dresupreme says:

Terrible update . It broke the sync with Skype. Who wants to look at IPhone dummies!!!!

Kevin21 says:

A little choppy, but hey at least it works!