Foursquare announces Swarm, its new app for checking in

Foursquare has announced that they're going to be spinning off a new app this summer called Swarm. While Foursquare has been used for sharing where you are for years, Swarm aims to facilitate meet-ups with friends more easily by letting you broadcast where you're going next and what your friends' plans are. Meanwhile, the original Foursquare app will be changing a little bit to be more focused on venue discovery and reviews.

The power of Foursquare as a recommendation engine is significant. Our own Ally Kazmucha says it's the only travel app she needs. As for Swarm, location (or even proximity) sensing isn't something we haven't seen before, but nobody's been able to do it in a big, popular, and ubiquitous way. Foursquare's existing popularity may be enough to propel Swarm to that status, but we're going to have to wait a bit to find out.

Swarm will be rolling out in a few weeks to Android and iOS, with Windows Phone not too much farther behind. How do you feel about sharing your location with a broad circle of friends? Have any apps been able to do it well enough for you so far?

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frettfreak says:

I guess i didnt realize people still use foursquare. I never really saw the appeal in the first place, but every other social app pretty much has the ability to check in somewhere....

ChadyzGroove says:

The big appeal for me is seeing where close friends have been and where I am going. On Facebook I have 300 friends, and on Foursquare I have 40, so I am sharing and receiving information with people I have a much closer relationship with.

Jimmy_Jo#AC says:

then maybe you need to pare down your online "friends" to people that are actually friends

Shadnic says:

I disagree completely. Facebook is like holding onto your high school yearbook, you can still see updates about people who know and see what's going on in their lives, and even get in touch with people from your past when you want to. It doesn't mean you have to interact with them, but they're still there within reach if you need to. More interactive social media apps, like foursquare, give you the ability to share pertinent data or interact closely with good friends or family, ones you do interact with on a regular basis.

icebike says:

Thats called stalking.
Even teenagers have figured it out.

Well teenagers are stupid. From not knowing history to sending threats to American Airlines...

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If you don't interact or see the person why have them on your list? I removed a good chunk of people who I had from high school just a few years ago. I never hung out with them on the first place..

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Jesus. Do you personally know all 300?

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geoff5093 says:

I love it. I can see where my friends have been, what they recommend, or where I'm someplace new see real reviews from people for different venues. Plus it's nice because I know if I'm meeting friends somewhere, that they are already there.

icebike says:

Seriously, has Foursquare not realized that the check in craze is over?
People (except desperately unattractive 20 somethings) have finally figured out you can have a meal without telling every one they know where they were and what they ate.

For some it is.

And it's not just for meals.

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I used to use yelp, then moved on to foursquare. I sometimes use Facebook but mostly foursquare.

I only use yelp for reviews (posting and reading)

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Eclectech says:

I've been using Foursquare since 2010 and I still find great places to visit, using it. I also have a great group of friends who use it everyday and as a result, I learn about events and places to go from them. I interact with my Foursquare friends much more than any other social platform.

TonyHoyle says:

I use it to tell my wife where I am when I'm late back :p

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HubyD says:

I still use it when I go somewhere, to see what friends of me liked there (such as restaurants)