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Finally, after (far too) much waiting, the Droid Incredible faithful are getting Android 2.2 ("Froyo"). Verizon announced last week that the rollout was starting (slowly) and we expect it to hit a ton of phones this coming week. So, while you wait, why not head over to the DInc section of the Android Central Forums to keep up with all the latest going-ons?

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Todd M says:

There was some talk in other forums that Verizon might have halted due to some bugs in the update. Anyone hear about this that's 'in the know'?

davidnc says:

I think that was a bogus statement from what I have read since, and seen on twitter,vzw forum

6s1d9 says:

Still waiting patiently.. nothing so far here in San Diego :(

jaymac#AC says:

Nothing here yet. New Orleans, la

caliesv says:

Humm. Why do I want sport shoes and other products all of a sudden? Weird.... anyways. How long till the captivate sees 2.2?! Can't wait. :)

buckifvr says:

Still nothing in Columbus, Ohio

Vagrant_1 says:

Still waiting :( nothing so far this has to be slowest roll out ever.

Kerensky97 says:

Getttt Readyyyy...
Anytime now...
Anytime...... NOW!
Shit, still nothing. WTF!

Nobody has really been able to confirm that they really did get the OTA update. I'm thinking we've been had... Again.

I got my update saturday afternoon. Install went smooth but ran into some weird crash errors that ended up being related to my contacts. I had to dump all my contacts and flush the caches and reload to fix the error.

Otherwise everything went very smooth.

blackbyrd says:

Nada here in Central Jersey. I'll tell u guys when its gonna happen. Thursday. how do I know this? that's when I go back to work where there is no WiFi.

I haven't seen a whole lot of people reporting that they've received anything today....odd.

...or is it just me? That would be typical

finanandroid says:

Like everything with the Inc this Update is so delayed, slow and frustrating:.....VZW

tucker301 says:

Why are you waiting for Verizon?
Just skip on over to XDA and get it.


6s1d9 says:

Waiting for the official release. That way if my phone ever geeks up and I take it in they don't say, oh, yeah your screwed cuz you dont have the official OS

th3brownkidd says:

Nothing over in San Antonio, Texas


FRIST impressions? Was that supposed to be FIRST impressions or FIST as in what we are hitting the desk with while we wait for the 2.2 update?

6s1d9 says:

Does it matter that I turn my phone off at night to charge it? The ota should still push to my device regardless right??

Android_Lee says:

SC here
Your system is currently up to date

Dojam says:

I got it this morning... Sweet!