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The movie-tracking app Flixster had an update recently which added support to stream full shows and trailers to your big screen at home via Chromecast. The update also included the ability to load up movies onto the SD memory card, so long as it's a Samsung device.

If you haven't tried it out yet, Flixster is a free app that that hosts a bunch of helpful movie reference information, such as cast, local showtimes, reviews, and trailers. Flixster is also home to a wide range of free and paid movies to watch on your Android device.

The library of Chromecast-friendly apps is growing pretty rapidly. Which ones are you using most often?

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Flixster movies app adds Chromecast support


I'm still waiting for Spotify and Watch ESPN to add Chromecast support.

I have a feeling Amazon will have these two apps on Fire TV before Spotify decided to add support. What's taking so long.
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Hopefully a world wide roll out of Flixster Chromecast support will come soon. Not yet active in the UK.
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Updated this morning. The SD card support just causes the app to crash when you try and use it. I cant get anything to stream, I just get an error message, I can't get anything to play once downloaded to internal storage either. Chromecast support is as per usual for anything good, US only. The rest of the world who use Ultra Violet also paid for their films so not sure why we got the shaft. I'm in the UK and we do tend to get things sooner or later so fingers crossed Chromecast support will be here soon. Not that it will matter if they don't fix all of the playback issues.

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Realistically I think its unlikely that Spotify will support chromecast. They had their own proprietary streaming solution debut a few weeks before chromecast i think. It just isnt a priority. But then, i hope I'm proven wrong, even as a user of GPMAA.

Sounds cool but when I go to the web to find out more about this service I have to create an account just to see what Flixster is all about. Not cool in my book. I will sign up only if I decide to use the service. If I can not look first then I am out of here. Some online sellers are starting to do this now. Not for me.

It's nice that Chromecast support is increasing but this Flixster app has the worst implementation I've yet seen. I cast several trailers and parts of a couple of my ultra violet movies. The quality was terrible (and even had picture distorting artifacts in one film), apparently doesn't support surround sound, and 3/4 of the trailers I played completely froze up and quit responding.

Though the ui is terrible, Vudu implementation is much better. Great picture quality, surround sound, and no bugs that I've experienced yet.

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Disappointed again at the lack of UK/European support for streaming services. I have a fairly extensive library on Flixster from codes in BluRays that I would like to be able to access on the go and cast. Without full support the Chromecast with lose to Amazon who seem to be better at cross border licensing.

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