the hidden .android _secure file

Having issues with applications from the Market not downloading, or stalling during installation?  There's a fix that might help, and we've detailed it in the forums.  It's not complicated, doesn't require root or any real hackery, and we've even covered the method to make the fix stick so you aren't doing it every time an application wants to install itself to your SD card.  It all circles around the .android_secure folder on your SD card, which is the place applications using the "install to SD card method" that comes along with Froyo want and need to be. 

Hit the forums and have a look, because even if you're not having problems now, you never know when they might spring up.  [Android Central Forums]


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How to fix stuck app downloads [From the Forums]


This is also happening on 2.1 devices. Half/some/most of the time I update apps in the new Froyo'd Market, the app will install fine but the status bar ("Installing...") will cycle endlessly.

The fix for that is pretty easy, though. Go to Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, Market, Uninstall Updates. The next time you go to the Market, it's the standard Eclair Market. You'll have to agree to the Android Market terms of use, blah blah blah, but it will clear all the stuck status bars.

I've done this many, many times now and it works every time. Bit of a PITA, but I haven't seen any ill effects.

Of course, after about 10 minutes the Market is updated to the Froyo version... and the issue will happen again... and again...

Thank you for this post. I will have to check it out.
I haven't had time to get into forums to see if anyone else was having this problem, but it drives me crazy. I thought it had something to do with 2.2 and SD installs, but it isn't always programs on the card that are stalling. The ONLY fix I'd found so far was to go to the Market App and clear the data through "Manage Apps" on the phone. However, this requires setting up e-mail account after doing so. It's annoying and inconvenient to do that each time.
I'm curious about where you say the apps install. I guess the install is different from the .apk file then. I'm noticing that I get a load of generic "Download #.apk" files in my downloads folders after moving to the SD card. They are not named per program, but I figured that must be how it's working. I wish they went elsewhere so I can find typical downloads in that folder instead. Anyone know if these are temporary and can then be deleted (the .apk) files after moving to the SD card????
I hope this makes sense.

I had to Google this solve about a week ago. It works. 'Glad' I'm not the only one. Hopefully a permanent fix is in the pipeline.

I wrote a little guide in spanish a couple of weeks ago over here this form of solving this problem works on Froyo. I hanve not tested it on other versions of Android. but it basically consist on clearing the local data of the aplication market.

Thank you!!!!!!! I was having the same problem but due to work and home remodeling I didn't bother to investigate the cause/fix. I just did a complete wipe including dilvik and flashed a clean ROM hoping it would go away. It worked for about a week but now it is starting to happen again so, THANK YOU!

I found an easy way...Go to Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, Market, Clear Data. Clearing all the data doesn't lose your apps, but it does clear any stuck progress, you just have to agree to the terms. Similar to removing Market updates, but you don't have to lose the market updates.