Android Central on Nokia X

Mobile World Congress

Nokia says 75 percent of all Android apps should be able to run just fine on the new Nokia X line. So we put that to the test here at Mobile World Congress by (what else?) installing the Android Central App.

Android on Nokia. Gotta love it.

So how'd it go?

As you'd expect, sideloading an app on the Nokia X is exactly like on any other Android phone. You'll need to tick the "Unknown sources" box, then install, and, well, that's it.

The Wifi at Nokia's booth was pretty spotty, but our app fired up just fine, content loaded, and we were in familiar territory once again.

So, yes. Nokia's Android phone runs Android apps just fine, thank you very much.


Reader comments

First look at the Android Central App on the Nokia X!


Exactly! Android AOSP is in fact Android AOSP!

Glad you 'quickly' provided proof and hopefully some clarity to your somewhat befuddled, dazed and confused readers.

Waiting to see a long term 'hands on' review,, when you get a chance to do some serious app installs, not just a few minutes at there booth

Posted via my outdated and under spec'd galaxy tab 3 using the Android Central App

But is it trial and error to find which apps will run and which won't? Guessing apps using Google Play Services won't work, but as far as I can tell there is no way to know this before you sideload.

Posted via Android Central App

No, it's pretty much a game of trial and error, much like how Blackberry 10 users sideload apps not knowing if they require Google's APIs or not. You really won't find out if an app is compatible or not, until you actually try to run it.

Why not?
One can log into Google+ on a Win and Mac PC and Android, iPhone and Windows phone.

I would buy a Nokia phone running Vanilla AOSP, not a WP tile OS .
I hope someone can hack it to allow flashing of custom roms.

Don't gotta love it at all actually, neat trick. The spec sheet of the phone looks like a throwaway though. I feel like Nokia did this just so they could say they tried to enter the Android market, at least before they're completely assimilated by MS.

" manufacturers who go the Android route are doing no better than Finnish boys who "pee in their pants" for warmth in the winter." Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki... Oh how time changes!