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If you recall a couple weeks back we mentioned that Mozilla was switching the Firefox for Android application to use native Android UI elements instead of XUL.  This was done to create a unified look and feel and improve performance, and now anyone can give it a run.  The fellows at Mozilla have now started pushing nightlies that include the changes.  The newer builds are faster, but of course like any nightly builds there will be bugs.  If you want to have a look, or if you're feeling like bug-hunting and helping out the Firefox team, grab the nightly here and install it.  You'll see that Firefox has come a long way, and they are slowly building a mobile browser that can rival a true desktop version.

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Firefox nightlies for Android have switched to native UI builds


I've been using it for the last couple of days. Nice change, and it's smoother, but many improvements need to be had. I know it's a nightly, but the zooming is really bad. No double tap to zoom, and the reformatting of text doesn't work. If you try to zoom by pinching you either get too small or too big. The biggest gripe for me is it doesn't open pages in overview. It's already zoomed in a bit. Overall a good start.

Please just refuse to update us on any Firefox app developments until they can simply include Flash support. It's silly.

You'll be happy to know that the current Firefox nightly builds already do have Flash support on Android 2.x. (Flash on Android 3 and 4 is coming later.)

This didn't agree with my Thunderbolt at all. Was very slow, and it even caused my phone to reboot.

I expected a lot of bugs, but I really didn't think it'd reboot my phone. Gave me flashbacks of that horrid Tbolt update in the summer, LOL.

Needless to say, I uninstalled. (Well, then I reread the FF install page and reinstalled, thinking I might've messed something up, but I didn't, and alas, still the same slow results.) Maybe I'll try it again in a few weeks.