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At long last, after months and months (and months), Firefox Mobile is final, official, and ready for prime time consumption. We just showed you our walkthrough of the release candidate, and we've gone through build after build of the betas. But this one's the real deal, folks.

The mobile version has the same rendering engine as the desktop version of Firefox, with full HTML5 support. And you've got full access to add-ons, too. Plus there's the sync function that lets you take your bookmarks, passwords, log-ins and even individual tabs on the go.

Still need convincing? Video highlights and download links are after the break.  [Mozilla]


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Firefox Mobile Android browser released!


To completely discount this just b/c there is no flash support is just short sighted. I agree that for this browser to even have a chance it will have to at least match the capability of the stock browser, with that said we should all take our time to play around with it and report our findings and suggestions. This is what our community is about, support your devs.


I am really happy to see FF out of beta and am going install and evaluate.

I find flash player an evil, an annoying and an over used technology.

If you change the user agent to iPhone you should be able to play most videos directly in the browser via html5. YouTube videos will work as well as videos on sites like Engadget. I do that on the stock browser (CM7 even has an easy option for it) anyways because videos play more quickly and are smoother that way.

Is Flash available in this version? I will try it out if it is.

Edit - Starting right now I am not visiting the site for 24 hours due to the captcha BS.

Unless this version is substantially different from the release candidate I tested a couple of days ago, I'll wait. The tab and bookmark syncing worked as advertised, but SwiftKey kept force closing on me, the fonts in portrait mode were microscopic, and Flash was nowhere to be found.

According to Mozilla's support page, "We're working on ways to deliver a great experience with plugins like Flash for future releases of Firefox for mobile."

Re SwiftKey: "There is a known problem that causes it to crash when used with Firefox. We are working to get this fixed, but until then the solution is to temporarily disable SwiftKey."

Sooo disable SwiftKey just so I can use firefox without flash, or.... use Dolphin mini with flash and SwiftKey..... hmmmmmm decisions decisions.

Sorry, but Dolphin still wins it for. I was all excited about Firefox Mobile, but this release is filled with fail.

14 meg, and no move to sd.

But, hey, look on the bright side. If you uninstall Flash you will have plenty of free space, and since ff won't use flash anyway you're all set.

I just don't know why AC keeps hyping this browser to us in story after story when it's clearly inferior.

Spoken by someone who never even installed it....because yes, there is a Move to SD option.

Of course, no Flash is a no-no for me. :-(

I installed it hoping that like your comment, others just hadn't tried it, but alas, no Flash.

Well it looks cool, but no flash is just plain worthless. What is the point behind this browser? Nice one Mozilla... NOT!

Firefox Mobile has always been super unstable on my Nexus S (keeps freezing up the phone, a known problem from what I gather). I wonder if this has been addressed.

Image rendering is god-awful horrible. Even the Google logo is really pixelated. Go to Yahoo. Is is horrible too. I can't believe they consider this a final release. Plus it locks up my Fascinate and makes the phone useless. I have to do a battery pull every time I use it. I hope someone from Mozilla reads this. They need to put this back in beta and work on it A LOT more. Thanks but no thanks.

Does it preserve or reopen your tabs when it sits in the background and gets paged out of memory by the OS? That's the one thing that really really bugs me about the stock browser, whenever I multi-task too much (games, long emails in Gmail, etc.) I just lose all my open tabs.

I've tried Dolphin Mini but even that version had a somewhat cluttered UI imo. The sync features on FF are attractive... If it deals with multi-taking better, I could put up with using two browsers for now to get around the lack of Flash.

I was looking forward to Firefox on droid until I downloaded it. not a great product. I like Dolphin much better.

installed it for a couple of minutes just to try it out, google webpage looked terrible, then it crashed on me, froze my phone for like a minute. rendering looks crappy. nice try. i'll stick to my stock browser on my htc evo.

I stopped using Firefox months ago when I found out how great Chrome is. Now I wish there was a Chrome browser. My current Android browser of choice is Miren. It's also annoying that it takes like twenty seconds to just start up unlike every other browser out there.

Firefox is great and all to sync between desktop and phone, but chrome is far superior on the desktop...... Just wish they would build for android and include sync!

SwiftKey problem is a no go... sure hope they finish this soon... its got some neat features but it's FAR from fineshed.

tried it out. it's decent not the worst but not the best.
Give it time. Hopefully as the mobile version of the browser matures it'll get better

damn so i guess its useless wihtout flash hu? I also was excited to get this but now im gonna stick w the default.....

This is great! My college's website is a piece of crap on the stock browser. With firefox it works perfectly. No more waiting till I get home to check information posted on the website. Just because it doesn't have flash does not mean it's useless. Thanks AC!

I installed this, added the privacy protector addin, and cratered my system. Had to completely wipe my handset. :p

i will try it out but if its not as fast as dolphinhd and none of my addons work or the sync is bad then i will be going back to dolphinhd.
Plus no flash is -1

Once again a waste on an announcement when it wont work on most phones. You need an ARM6 processor to work not an ARM5 like my Sansung Intercept. Come on...who cares about Flash when it doesnt work anyway. Cant even find on marketplace with QR code since it isnt compatibible. I would think there are better things to have a main page announcment over a browser thats meant for PC not Android.

downloaded->installed-> tells me "firefox is not supported for this may experience problems." original droid

Ummm the tab syncing may actually make me switch back to Firefox on the desktop. This is THE killer feature of firefox mobile IMHO.

Jeez, I thought iphone users were winy...

I understand some of the gripes but c'mon guys. Flash is both awesome and a major annoyance but it can be a downright pain in the ass on certain occasions on ANY browser. I think it's time for something better, and a lot more stable.

Plus it locks up my Fascinate and makes the phone useless. I have to do a battery pull every time I use it. I hope someone from Mozilla reads this.

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