Find Friends on BBM

See which of your friends are already using BBM and quickly send a PIN invite

BBM is introducing a new feature today that makes it easier to find your friends on the service. Just like you'll often find on social networking and messaging apps, BBM can now look through your phone's contact listings to see which of those people are already using BBM but aren't yet able to chat with you.

You'll then have the option to selectively — or completely — send out PIN invitations to those friends and get the conversation going on BBM. Naturally, if one of your friends isn't using BBM you have a quick way to send them an email or SMS invite to download the app as well.

It's a simple setting that's usually part of the setup process on similar messaging apps, and one that can definitely help adoption of BBM if you realize that more of your friends are on it.


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'Find Friends on BBM' can now match your contact list to people using the service


silly canucks. i'm still betting on this miserable company to vanish in 2014 or be broken up.

I don't support BlackBerry, but every single year people make predections like yours and the company is still standing, so f*** off :)

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although I do support BlackBerry :)

Posted via Android Central App on my BlackBerry Z10

Gekko, Don't you say this every time something about BBM or BlackBerry gets posted up?

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Yes he does, he is stupid and clearly has some strong hate issues against the company (seen from his strong and vividly descriptive language about the company). Personally I find it good that the company is atleast going down fighting.

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Yeah! Spam from friends!

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Too bad BBRY still does not support Android Tablet.

Hey, BBRY, if you want your platform to be used widely, open it up so android tablet can use it. See LINE, wechat, kakaotalk, etc.

My mother-in-law has it installed and working on her Android tablet, so there must be a workaround somewhere.

Does she have a tablet with cellular connectivity? I think that's the deciding factor in whether or not it will work.

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Why would it need cellular connectivity?

Not compatible with any of my tablets though. The old leaked version did so if I could find an apk I probably could but CBA.

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Does any one else think this update is a bit mis leading or just not working properly?
The find friends on BBM is described to work that your contact list will populate with a list of people that have BBM but aren't currently on your BBM contact list. Is that not how it is described?

I am noticing that it is just showing all the contacts on my phone with a simple invite to BBM feature. Well not really a feature at all. I could simply share the app from the Play store.

I was hoping I would be able to see who else already has BBM but I just didn't have them yet on my contact list.

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I think that list that BBM generates would show you if any of those folks were using it. Of course, the only way they can match you up is if you have the e-mail address the person used to create their BBID in their contact. If not, you won't know they're using it unless your BBID e-mail is in your contact info on their phone, and they find you.

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All things considered, I think it might be best to hold those friend invites until BBM 2.0 comes along. At this point, as good as some folks think BBM may be, it isn't going to turn any heads. 2.0 may change that, but it isn't here yet, and, if BlackBerry felt the need to release this version, with only this one new feature, I'm guessing they aren't releasing 2.0 any time soon, or they would have waited and just done one release. I'd love to be wrong, of course.

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They might just be testing this feature to make sure it works first before releasing 2.0.

I might be mistaken but I don't think BlackBerry users can even see who else is using BBM in their contacts. It's all based on PINS and that's the beauty of it. I don't want a huge contact list like Facebook in BBM, just my closes friends, family and co-workers.

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I SO AGREE WITH YOU ON THE WHOLE PRIVACY THING!! Wish they would keep it that way! Some of us want some privacy to be respected at least on one kind of social network app and unlike ALL THE OTHER ONE THAT EXPOSE your world to everyone and their grandmother's!

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isn't this app like two years too late? none of my friends use BB for at least a year now and for them this service would have been convenient then... not sure now. its like expecting people to install ICQ on their device.

2 years? You are being generous. I remember when we could first see the writing on the wall for them 5 years ago - that's when they could have made a real difference by integrating an easy-to-use BBM client with a built-in email inbox and voip calling that would work on any platform. But they didn't and now they are dead.

Tried this out. Not a single person showed up as using BBM out of my contact list of 150 people. *shrugs*

Yeah there's no find friends feature. Just a way to add friends more easily. Disappointing.

If RIM/Blackberry would have been more savy and less full of themselves, they'd of released the BBM clients for android and IOS years ago.

Now they are the new Palm Pilot

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Wouldn't it have been simpler for them to have just mailed all the BBM users a piece of paper with the names and PIN's of all the other BBM users. Or maybe just call them on the phone and read it to them.

Kidding, of course. All of BlackBerry's employees have been laid off, so there's no one left to make the calls.

Still kidding. I know, they still have employees. One, in fact: a large orange tabby cat who is writing code.

New update kinda sucks!! I kinda liked the whole idea of my BBpin being private and only speaking to the people that I wanted to without anyone even FINDING ME!!!

Shoot, for that fact... I'll delete you BBM and stick to all the S.O.S. Apps that are out there that do the same old s### as the rest!!!!

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