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The 3D remake of the 90's classic, Final Fantasy III. has been available on Android since March, should you live in Japan. If you're looking for something to occupy, post Google I/O, the title has now become available to the rest of the world as well. 

Priced at a whopping $15.99/£10.99, FInal Fantasy III isn't much of an impulse buy. But, if anyone knows how to make a great game, it's Square Enix. Additionally, the Android version comes with improved 3D visuals, and story sequences that are exclusive to Android. The download also weighs in at 172MB, so worth making sure you've got the space, but it will work on Android 2.2 and above. Time to get your quest on. 

Download: Final Fantasy III


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Final Fantasy III finally breaks free of Japanese exclusivity, comes with a price tag


It's awesome that Final Fantasy 3 is officially available to buy with enhanced graphics, but what incentive is there to buy when you can play the game with an emulator for free? Not to mention the actual snes rom takes less than 2MB of space...

yes, hooray for you, you know about emulators and roms. we're all so impressed. good job buddy

Ill probably give it a try just to support the developers. The price seems steep but maybe if enough of us buy into these ports we'll start to get more of our favorite titles for cheaper in the future

The original isn't a SNES game, it is an NES game. It was also never released outside of Japan, so the only English versions were translated by fans.

Oh ok thanks, I was always confused about the way they numbered the games. For some reason I thought the nomanclature was universal. Guess I will give this a try when I get my next phone, it'll be new to me =)

Yeah, it was confusing before FF7. What was released as FF3 in the US was actually the sixth game in the Final Fantasy series. What was released as FF2 here was actually FF4. They're now releasing everything according to the actual numbering system, so it's a little confusing.

Oh ok thanks. That explains alot. FF7 was the first one I played. Then I backtracked to FF Mystic Quest for the SNES, which I thought was the first in the series. Then I played FF3 (US) and finally played FF5 thanks to a fan translation. I always thought FF4 and FF6 were PSOne remakes before I played FF5. Learn something new everyday ;)

Ya the order basically went like this.

FF1 on NES and Famicom
FF2 Famicom, translated later to English for NES ROM
FF3 Famicom, translated later to English for NES ROM
FF4 SNES (English FF2), Super Famicom (Jap version is harder)
FF5 Super Famicom, Translated to English to SNES ROM
FF6 SNES (English FF3), Super Famicom

Then you have other Final Fantasy based games.
Mystic Quest was on SNES
Tactics was on SNES and then later on Playstation.

it's not a SNES rom though, and it's not the USA "Final Fantasy III" which is actually Final Fantasy VI, it's a 3D remake of the Japanese Final Fantasy III.

Yes but this is the Nintendo DS remake with 3D models and environments. Essentially the same game but visually different. I didn't grow up with the SNES original but played FFIII on the NDS and loved it. I didn't even know this was available for Android but I will definitely be picking this up soon. (It's been available on iOS forever, though. Weird.)

$16 for a game on my phone/upcoming tablet? I sense Gameloft is going to use this as a justification to charge more for its upcoming mediocre games. I wouldn't mind looking at FF3, but I'm not going to give it much thought until a decent one day sale comes around for it.

Square Enix USED to know how to make good games...but when was the last time they had a new hit? I get the feeling that Square Enix is really banking (taking advantage) on the nostalgia aspect for justifying a marked up price for a classic game, even if it is a quality port. Makes me wonder if they are going to charge $20 for FF Tactics, if that should ever come out.

i might pay for it on PSP maybe, but the android phone gaming experience just isnt that appealing to me, and im not into tablets much...still dont see much of a point in them beyond just being cool toys and proving you have money to blow.

True, I had a Xoom wifi and all I used it for was playing games. I sold the Xoom and for the price I paid I got a laptop with way more functionality

First, this is the Japanese, FFIII, originally for the NES. This is in fact a port of the NDS remake. Before the NDS remake, it was not available outside of Japan, because it is Nintendo Hard. I reached the final boss on my NDS, only to decide it was not worth it, because the final dungeon is LONG, it takes 1 hour to get to the end, and there are no save points in it. Oh, and did I mention that the boss is one of those that kills you VERY fast if you don't know what to do?

Mind you, if they re-released FFT, FFIV (FF2 US), FFV (released as a sub par port for the original playstation outside of japan), or FFVI (FF3 US), I may consider it. Square Enix is milking the nostalgia value, but hell, just look at how many remakes we're getting on the cinema!

I would LOVE mobile ports of the the FFT games. Those are my favorite FF game, and they'd translate fantastically to a tablet gaming experience.

I agree the final dungeon is long, but the final boss can be taken out with one punch. I had a character who's job was level 99 Black Belt. I focused two rounds, with the other characters defending, then hit it with a punch. 100k damage. POW Boss down with one punch.

This isn't really Squares fault. They don't have a good pricing /model strategy for mobile games...nor any real experience. They will need a couple of games to figure out what works and what doesn't. And to be fair, there was additional work done for the titles release...its not just a snes rom as inferred above. While it'd be easy to assume that the likes of game loft would see this as an opportunity to increase pricing...I'm pretty sure they'd realize how suicidal that'd be. Square is an actual game company...they don't specialize in flash game conversions and cheap shortly knock offs that people have to be satisfied with because there a little alternative. Square also doesn't have to routinely any in a space where its necessary to consider a high end cap of 5.99$ a title as the norm. I say this from experience...worked for them before the enix merger during the glory days (first game I worked on was final fantasy 7...left after we were finished with Parasite Eve). Square will find their way in this space if they find it valuable...and they'll produce titles light years behind what's available now...


It would be nice if the download weighed in at 172MB, not "ways" in. Sounds like you need an automatic grammar check!

Fantastic.....jus not liking the reviews some people are giving the app since its the official 3 not the USA release

It is a great game. Plus it is cheaper than those "free" bids games that make it impossible to get anywhere without buying items for real money in the game. See Zenonia 4 as an example.

It's not THEIR fault, blame HTC.

There's a mod to remap the Recent Apps button to become a Menu button which inherently removes the "..." soft menu button. HTC was trying to be compliant with ICS but so many apps don't have a soft menu button, hence the "...".

I can't believe you're complaining about the tiny amount of black letterboxing. You don't notice it at all. It would have been way too much work to make it fit and not distort the image.

I normally wouldn't pay this much for a mobile game, but if you're a Final Fantasy fan (I used to be huge into the series) then it's totally worth it for the amount of gameplay you'll get. I remember on iOS they were charging almost the same for Soul Calibur, which is a great game, but DEFINITELY not worth that price.

I picked this one up -- Versus the $50 I paid for this back on the DS this is a steal plus the extras a nice perk! Hopefully they'll get around to bringing over FFT!

This game is worth it. First, there are no in app purchases. So the $16 you pay up front is the only money you pay. Secondly, this is a better version of the DS version of the classic from 1990 which is considered one of the best ever in Japan. Throw in 30-50 hours of game play and I have a game to last me my train commute for the next 2-3 months. Well worth it.