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Developer says Twitter may have 'shut him down'

On Monday, for the second time in just a few months, popular Twitter client Falcon Pro ran up against the 100,000 user token limit imposed upon most third-party clients. And as it did back in February, the app managed to sidestep the restriction by revoking all the old keys and requiring users to sign in again. But Falcon Pro has run into additional issues this morning, as it seems it may have once again exhausted its available tokens.

Writing on the official Falcon Twitter account, developer Joaquim Vergès said "Wtf? I wake up one day after resetting keys and they're already all used? Did twitter just shut me down?" In a later tweet, the dev said he'd unpublished the app from the Google Play Store "for now" while he figures out a new strategy.

This morning's developments suggest one of two possibilities -- either Falcon Pro experienced a major boost in popularity over the past day, or it's running into issues on account of its working around Twitter's user token limits. For what it's worth, if you've already got Falcon Pro signed in, it'll continue to work just as it did before. But unfortunately new users will be out of luck. For users who've updated and found themselves unable to log back in, Vergès offers a downgrade to the earlier version 2.0.2 via a direct APK download.

The future of Falcon Pro -- and other popular Twitter clients in the same situation -- remains uncertain. Equally, it's unclear whether Twitter is proactively taking action to stop developers skirting the limits on user tokens -- that said, frequently resetting keys and requiring users to sign in again was never likely to be sustainable in the long run. We'll update this story with any further developments, and hope to see Falcon Pro returning to the Play Store soon.

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I don't really understand the point behind all of this.

Twitter could surely modify their APIs to push "Advertised Tweets" and bar all developers from filtering them .

Apart from that, pushing their own app seems rather pointless considering their revenue comes from people being on the platform & not their App.

And if they are so effing bitchy about the whole third party app thing - why not just close the API or even better- why not come up with a half decent app. Surely they can see the various extras that apps like Falcon pro are offering.

mwara244 says:

I think Twiiter is just pissed that people are making money off their services for free, while twitter is still having problems making money off their own service. I think the Dev's might have to offer some type of tribute to twitter for their app sales and maybe twitter will give them unlimited tokens to use for their apps. It's worth a shot, Dev's give up 10-15% in exchange for twitter to give them unlimited tokens for clients, like a licensing fee, sort of.

TheDu9du says:

I never saw the point of why twitter would allow other apps to behave like the twitter app. This simply diminishes the value of the Twitter app and Twitter overall.
You could see Google allowing sites to borrow their search bar, even MySpace does (or did(I stopped following them long time ago)). You are not gonna see Google letting Yandex borrowing their search bar.
In Falcon's case it's even worse cause they were dependent of Twitter's tokens completely. Falcon had a good run and that's it. Time to start something new

Saneless says:

By having one of the worst apps for Twitter, Twitter alone devalues their own app. The only thing it offers over others is Push notifications, but its UI/Look and feel and other features are extremely lacking.

I would LOVE to use the standard app but man, they make it really tough.

hoosiercub says:

Because they realize their app is lacking in feature and function compared to a lot of third-party apps. Rather than fixing it, they choose to make using third party clients a living hell.

TheDu9du says:

YUP! if you can't get pretty, then make the other ones uglier. why? because you can and ain't no one gonna stop ya

My assumption is that twitter is doing this so that other devs do all the ground work coming up with ideas/features, then twitter can copy them, but in order for twitter to have their app being the best experience they lock the other ones out after they grow too much.

The best way to work around for a Dev is sadly a tedious one, keep pushing different versions into the Play Store and the only difference has to be the twitter token, but make sure it won't be seen as an update otherwise all the people with auto update will just get the same app with a different token. Or just have multiple copies of an app in the play store. However, I'm not sure how Google will be forced to react to this one. Maybe they have to remove duplicates.

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tshepomk says:

i think we should start another twitter what do think guyz? and give developers freedom

skyboxer says:

The worst part about the token limits is it only punishes the best apps because they are the ones popular enough to hit the limit. It would be better to give an app a 90 day provisional access that is revoked if a certain number of tokens are not used.

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That would be a good idea. Also solves the need for twitter to make an app themselves since it looks like they are in over their head with with apps, twitters own app is a terrible experience in comparison. Why not just buy out another Dev and make his or her app the standard.

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briankariu says:

To say the truth, falcon pro is what got me actively using twitter. When I purchased it, the official app was a ho hum POS that didn't make it attractive to use.
I dunno, maybe Verges should start an online petition. 100k token limit is a purely absurd idea.

mathiasjk says:

He made an online petition the first time Falcon hit 100K limit earlier in the year.

jusuchin85 says:

Actually, there is an online petition that he shared with us back in February. Here it is: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/extend-falcon-pro/

DeathsArrow says:

The official app is still a "ho hum POS". People use twitter because of the 3rd party apps. Twitter cuts them off at the knees and doesn't offer anything remotely comparable.

Unfortunately, Twitter wants you to use their POS app and are going to do anything to make it happen. I didn't think that reloading it and resigning in would escape Twitter's eyes.

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poglad says:

I like Falcon Pro, but prefer the official app for its push notifications. POS? Hardly. Just lacks one or two power features.

TornZero says:

Inline browser.

The official Twitter app is good for editing your account, push notifications and....

Not much more. IMO, POS. If you like it, that's fine with me, I don't.

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Incubus123 says:

Twitter are serious assholes !

TheDu9du says:

Yes they are!
They are like those kids that don't let you copy the homework's answers even though you had to have fun all weekend and didn't bother to do it at all. They are the ones who did all the work!
It's not fair!!
(Please acknowledge the sarcasm)

Roy G Biv says:

This guy could use Twitter official app's tokens that leaked, but he doesn't because he wants his client to be advertised on the "via" field of each tweet.

Fuck him.

dchawk81 says:

I don't see anything wrong with that. If anything, fuck you for your entitlement.

dchawk81 says:

Let's not forget that it's twitter doing the limiting so take your hate there.

TheDu9du says:

Let's not forget that Falcon just copies straight from twitter barely adding you much more than a fancy skin

dchawk81 says:

Let's not forget that quite a few people think it's better than the official app, so it clearly adds something. Even the poster I replied to is bitching about not being able to use it.

TheDu9du says:

so why can't he use it? is it because it is missing Twitter?

bangishotyou says:

Is this a joke? Falcon Pro had inline browsing, pics and YouTube videos long before some of the other apps around (including the official Twitter app). That is the very definition of innovating and providing more than the standard Twitter experience/app, something that Twitter themselves has stated is the only condition on which they would *potentially* allow a developer more tokens.

If you really think all that Falcon Pro did was add "a fancy skin" then you are sadly mistaken and have obviously never really used the app.

I had a Twitter account for the longest time, never used it. Didn't get Falcon Pro when it was released either. But just before it hit the 100,000 limit the first time around I purchased it and have started using Twitter routinely (every day actually) since. If it weren't for the app, I for one wouldn't be using Twitter at all. (I have the slight feeling I'm not alone in that sentiment.)

TheDu9du says:

then i bet you can still use Falcon Pro with no problem

frettfreak says:

yes you can... unless you reload a rom. or get a new phone. which is lame for a lot of people

Falcon Pro doesn't force me to turn notifications on for EVERY person I follow. Unlike the official POS app.

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Xenx says:

For what it's worth.. the official "POS" app doesn't require you to turn on notifications for every person either. Did the borrow the feature? Maybe, but still.. your claims are (at least now) false.

Do you work for Twitter?

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Gordo1603 says:

Make your own client then with the leaked tokens! At least he has a good app.... And fuck you!

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jenskristian says:

Sounds to me like we are getting closer to a move over to App.Net. Twitter is getting way to commercial anyway. I'm tired of seeing hashtags on every TV Show.

If there was anything interesting on app.net....

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TornZero says:

Have you seen the Global feed?

Yes. And it's not worth any amount of money.

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faceless says:

indeed. ADN is a ghost town. unless you want to chat with people talking about ADN on ADN, forget about it.

poglad says:


rizkisrq says:

So does this make Falcon Pro the Android version of Tweebot ?

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nickthorley says:

Falcon is brilliant and the official app not so good. Why doesn't twitter buy falcon , it's owner can continue to develop for them for an agreed rate and have a healthy balance and then we can all have the decent client we want. The alternative idea is all stop using twitter until they drop the limits

dwd3885 says:

the official app is pretty good now actually.

rizkisrq says:

Not really, since I'm a power user. No in-app browsers, no in-line image preview in timelime, the design sucks (the colours are really hurtfull), the app behavior is bugging me off, sometimes I accidently swype the pages, Promoted Tweet (Very Bullshit), couldn't be moved, no scroll widget.

So that's the list that The Official App need to fixed, while you easily found it on other Twitter client.

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This is the reason both Falcon and Plume should be the apps to use for Twitter.

ScottColbert says:

Much as I like the look and smoothness of Falcon Pro, it's too slow getting new tweets. It seems to take twice as long to refresh as tweetcaster (which I went back to.) I can't help but wonder if any other app has had this problem as well-seems Falcon is the only one to run into it so far.

poglad says:

I don't like the lack of push notifications. That, of course, is Twitter's fault also - not the fault of the developer of Falcon Pro. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they've artificially slowed down the access to tweets when refreshing.

lfeuln says:

Robird manages to be extremely fast at refreshing, somehow. But it's still a work in progress for some features/polish (very interested to see what the upcoming tablet UI brings).

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15israellai says:

If it weren't for Falcon Pro, if I were forced to use that official app, I'd be bidding Twitter farewell.

eric.atx says:

I'm not sure I'd just walk away if I had to use the official app but possibly because it does suck.

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iowabeakster says:

wait... i can't read Aston kutcher's dreamy tweets on the client of my choice?

omg my life totally sucks

well then I will just have to find another way of chatting with my favorite celebrity. screw you twitter.

I switching to "stalker" for good.

MysteryOil says:

A person who doesn't get Twitter. That's so 2010.

tshepomk says:

this is the best app of all times...

S-Doo-1965 says:

Twitter's official app has no dark theme . Any app missing that is complete crap. IMHO

Cubfan says:

Glad I didn't update.

Match_stick says:

How about twitter sell end users app tokens for use with 3rd party clients?

For $5 or so I can buy an app token, tied to my account, that I can enter when logging in with a third party app and the app uses that rather than one of the general tokens.

That way everyone gets what they want.
Twitter gets to monetize users ($5 is a damn site more than they'll get out of me any other way)
Users get to use whatever client they want.
Developers know that the general token limits aren't the end of the world if they can persuade users to upgrade to user specific tokens (if a user buys a personal token all other tokens they have are returned to the pool to be used by other people).

Great idea!!!

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Not a bad idea but I don't think average twitter user would pay. Simply why not have 3rd party app tokens monetized? The Dev would include this in the app price.

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TurkXtreme says:

I can not send pictures with this app, it gives error. do you know why? and how can we solve this problme? any idea or clue?

kicko says:

I think the idea of selling tokens either to the developer or forcing sponsered/ad tweets would be a fair solution. Also considering G+ and Fb are now including hash tags twitter might find itself losing some ground in that concept. On the flipside G+ has never released an API and FB has very few worthy 3rd party apps. So to say twitter is becoming a meany all of a sudden is not true because all social networks try and control content to some extend. The issue i have is before twitter even had an offical app 3rd party deveplopers helped make twitter what it is today. I would argue the majority of social users post via mobile apps.

ReggieTee says:

Does the new multiuser account addition add to the token uses?

Yes, maybe why it filled so fast this reset. Talks of removing it.

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I've tried a lot of the 3rd party Twitter apps & actually much prefer the official one. If they would offer a dark theme setting, I would think it is nearly perfect.

irtechneo says:

I understand this is Twitter's fault but here is my take on it. I had a perfectly good working app and since I was late to the game updating it yesterday I now cannot use it. I had to go seek out an APK to restore functionality--but since i revoked the token for that version in Twitter already (thinking this would help my issue for the new version)I cannot get authentication again. I am now SOL. The developer reset the tokens to free up space for more new users but now his existing users are hosed. He should have left it all intact and just stated he was maxed out on tokens and made the app free since no new users can log in. Third party Twitter clients are a dying breed. More power to the developer for fighting the good fight but I am afraid it is a losing battle. If the official Twitter app just had a scroll-able widget it would be fine for me. I do not appreciate the path this developer took as he just alienated his existing user base. This is not good customer service. He replied to me via email and just stated the token limit is not under his control sorry for the inconvenience. Well what was under your control was not resetting your existing user base's tokens. Good riddance.

dchawk81 says:

He did what he thought was right and fair...forcing the reset basically weeds out squatters wasting tokens.

So yeah, it's unfortunate that you and many others lost out but this all on twitter, IMHO.

irtechneo says:

Agree to disagree. I had a perfectly good working app that I paid money for. His decision just killed my app. I am a paying consumer so that is not "fair" to me. Ah well you live and you learn.

dchawk81 says:

Falcon is a paid app? Sorry that bit I didn't know. That übersucks.

Agree with you fully, I downloaded the new version immediately. Twitter wasn't going to let this fly.

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FYI, for those of you who don't know, Team Blackout has a dark official Twitter app. Don't need to be rooted, as long as it's not a system app.


No, I'm not involved at all, just use the apps. They all aren't perfect, but they are better than the original.

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ScottJ says:

For all the whiners, you should create your own micro-blogging service, build up its popularity and then you can do whatever you want.

You all sound like crackheads who are pissed that the dealer down the street is now charging you for the rock he was giving you for free.

Nobody is forcing you to use Twitter. We can debate whether Twitter's 3rd-party dev policy is smart business, but at the end of the day it's their sandbox and they get to make the rules. You make your own sandbox, you get to make the rules. That's how the world works folks. Welcome to reality.

And you are totally right. We knew this was coming because Twitter told us so a few years ago.

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mike31082 says:

Sounds to me like Twitter took exception to the developer resetting user tokens. It also sounds like the developer can't take the fact that is app has hit it's limit. I'm not saying Twitter is in the right with restricting 3rd party apps to only X amount of users. But resetting your user base just to take tokens away from people who might not use is as frequently is a bad thing for users.

There is a price for the app, and while someone might not use it in a few months while they are testing something else out. It would be unwise to reset the token on that person and have that limit fill up again. Blocking them from ever using the app they paid for originally and can no longer access, because the developer decided to reset it while the user wasn't using it.

Steven Fuls says:

So let me get this right. I paid for an app, then the developer decided he wanted to sell more apps, so he updated his app. If the buyer of new updated app, didn't log back in quickly enough, they loose their place in line, and now are unable to use the app they paid good money for? Sounds like the dev is a thief. He took something away from me that I paid for. That's stealing. He knew Twiter's rules. He just wanted to sell more apps! Shame on you! For those blaming Twitter, true it is their sandbox. They get to make the rules. I think those rules STINK for developers. Twitter, I'm pissed, and guess what, I have options, I'll go elsewhere for my news! So F.O. Twitter!

dchawk81 says:

Yeah now that I know it's a paid app, I can't defend the developer. If you buy it, you have every right to squat on your token and do nothing with it if you so choose. It's your money, after all.