Facebook SDK 3.0

Alongside its release of a native Android app, Facebook is bringing its SDK 3.0 for Android developers out of beta today. The Facebook SDK for Android lets app developers on the platform integrate social functions into their apps by calling Facebook API's and embedding their functions. This means simple actions like connecting a Facebook account to another app or calling up a friend or location list will be easier to implement and use. For example, users will be able to log-in to their Facebook account without ever leaving the primary app -- really cool stuff.

Facebook says the beta version of the SDK was downloaded over 80,000 times since it was released, so let's hope that some of those developers give it a closer look and use the tools to their advantage. This isn't something most end-users will be dealing with, but we all want this regardless. When developers have better tools, they provide an improved experience for all of us.

Source: Facebook Developers


Reader comments

Facebook SDK 3.0 for Android comes out of beta


Anyone know if this thing is just as bad about polluting your news feed with ads as the old version? Its why I stopped using Crapbook's official client a while ago.

They're still using Nexus S's? Maybe that's why it took so long for them to push the native app that FINALLY came today.

Seriously, they need to get at least a Galaxy Nexus. No wonder they still have the pesky menu button.
I've heard Facebook staff use Android. Do they use a Galaxy S or something?

I dl'ed this last night, and while it works great, it really slows my Galaxy Nexus down. It took forever to boot, and when you tried to launch anything or touched the home button, the response was significantly delayed. I've uninstalled it for now, and everything is back to normal. Looks like I'm staying with the web version for now....