Well look at what we have here? An unknown HTC Android device that looks very similar to the Evo 4G, except this one will be making its way to the Verizon network.  This device, which could be part of the leaked Verizon roadmap we saw a few weeks ago appears to bring some great things to Verizon customers. a 4.3 inch display, dual LED flash, front facing camera along with an 8MP rear facing camera and a kickstand to top it all off, the device appears to be a replica style device of the Evo 4G. Unfortunately, the processing power, battery size, or version of Android it will be running at launch are all still unknown, but we are excited to see the specs as they surface. Hit the source link to view a few more shots of this beautiful device. [BGR]


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Evo sized HTC Android device making its way to Verizon


It looks like a truly revamped version of the EVO...good for Verizon, I think it will do them a solid. Hopefully the next version for Sprint will be a different style, not just refinishing on old works. I still think HTC is the better brand for the combination of cosmetic and functionality in their phones.

Looks really nice. I currently have a Droid X on back order with Verizon but I could be very interested in this instead. Wonder when it will be released? Looks very classy.

It seems that HTC has classy down pat better than Moto or Sammy. Their phones just look and feel sleek.

Look and feel wise, the Dinc is probably my least favorite.

This phone looks like the build quality is probably every bit as good as the Nexus.

Verizon will not be launching any lte phones till months if not a year after broadband cards, similar to what sprint did.

what gives you that impression when metro is already rolling out phones. I thought Verizon was launching LTE phone black friday?

I think I just found my new android phone to replace my Droid 1. Hurry up and release it already.......

Hell of alot better looking than the Evo? :):):):) I have the evo and u may wanna try thinking first. They are copying the evo in almost every way. Funny since droid x is just now out but copying the evo due to its success was necessary. You amuse me: ):)

I guess that means the EVO was copying the D1 for its success, right? Don't worry, the EVO is still a good phone but there are better phones out and better phones to come. It's the cycle of technology.

Agreed it is copying it in just about every way, except for the different materials, colors, button design, grating, front camera enclosure, back speaker placement, and back casing.

It is amusing when people talk about HTC copying their own phones. Like they should design the things one at a time from scratch.

This looks like a mix of Evo and Nexus One, and it looks great. The build quality of the Nexus One is, in my opinion, better than that of the Evo.

Holding the Galaxy S feels better then holding the Droid X or EVO, some reason that extra .3 seems to add much unwanted width. It just feels weird like you are holding something huge. Holding the 4" Galaxy S feels much more comfortable and the Gal S is not to much bigger then the dInc.

Is it just me or do 90% of the people that post comment whine, bitch and moan? Buncha cry babies you are. I dont understand why you feel the need to comment about a phone thats not even mentioned in the post... /rant

Droid incredible forsale as soon as this goes up for pre order. I've always wanted the evo on Verizon and now I get my wish thank you big red.

Wooow that's why I love my EVO, it must of really been a hit now Verizon will get a version n when sprint brings out the next one I can bet is gonna be a crazy one....can't wait for my EVO 2 lol

Can't wait for Sprint to come out wit tha EVO 2 prob gonna be running honey comb by then 2 so Verizon can go ahead and copy tha EVO cuz Sprint will just come out with a better phone every time. Well actually its HTC that makes tha devices but still lol

Well I planed on getting the fascinate but with this around the corner its best to wait. Graphics be darned. Sense big screen and gorgeous phone what's not to like

I'm sorry I must've missed it, how do we know this is for Verizon again?????

I dont see any Verizon branding....

And somehow if this is Verizon...I dont see it coming out anytime soon competing with the Moto Droid remember Moto Verizon's B**ch OEM....

Of course Verizon won't announce this anytime soon because it'll affect X and Fascinate sales. It'll probably come out sometime around December.

see, this is messed up to me... the fact that sprint comes out with a great phone and now verizon is all on top of it and then some. is verizon threatened or something? does anyone see the idea that they are adding all these smartphones because they will give the customer the "shocker" in their orifices when it gets to tiered data. sprint added customers finally and now verizon is throwing the nitrous oxide. i hope sprint is doing good after the evo launch for 3rd quarters sake.

i did add mobile hotspot on my evo and LOVE IT

The comments I see here are just ridiculous. I would be surprised if this wasn't just a rebadged EVO plus or minus a feature or two.

This is HTC's doing, it's what they had for Verizon. Neither Sprint nor Verizon is setting the specs. Chances are they are offered a model and they take it or not. Chances are it will be a 1ghz SnapDragon (or possibly 1.2, or the dual core...but I doubt it), chances are it will have 512meg of ram, 512meg of could be 1gig of each, or a combination of the two. Chances are it will ship with an 8gb card, could be 16, but I doubt it. It could be an LTE phone, as the only difference between LTE and WiMax (Sprints "4g") is software.

This is the same idea as is applied to a Mid 90's Geo Prism and a Mid 90's Toyota Corolla (Or Mid 80's Chevy Nova and Mid 80's Toyota Corolla). A nearly 100% identical product, except for (maybe) a few token changes to differentiate the models, for branding sake.

Verizon is not copying Sprint, HTC is duplicating the Evo. It isn't a sole model, it is a platform. A couple things here and there will be different, but not by much.

My bet is that it doesn't come with HDMI and the 30FPS cap won't be on it, that way it's different enough (with the different case and Droid branding) from the Evo to not be obviously the same thing, and it will also keep the heat off of HTC for being idiotic (or merely cheap) in regards to the Evo's unneccesary 30FPS or minus a couple megahertz/megabytes here and there. (...My Evo pumps out 54fps on a daily basis now with even better battery life than stock, no thanks to HTC...)

Wise up's all the same stuff. Just imagine it from an engineering and manufacturing point of view. They already can't keep up with the demand on ANY of their models, and you think they would fracture their already stressed manufacturing by making an entirely different new phone? That's almost as silly of an idea as to think that Verizon is 'ripping off' sprint, or that these phones haven't been in the design pipeline for a year already...

I would like to see your source saying that the only difference between LTE and WiMax is "software" I may be wrong, but I have been under the impression that they are completely different in many different ways. If it was just software then why is Sprint already stating that they are thinking of going with LTE in the future?

I think that may be one of the reasons why. Sprint is kind of like "Hell, even WiMax ends up just not working for us in the long run, and LTE really is the future, all we have to do is flip a switch (not literally, but still) and we'll run on LTE too". And vice versa with Verizon, if Wimax works and LTE fails.

Im good with my EVO, dont need another one lol.. I just wish it had a super amoled screen and I would be happy. After having the EVO I refuse to go back to a smaller screen. I look at other peoples phones and say wow so much real estate going to waist. Maybe I'm spoiled now lol. Im good till the EVO 2 comes out or something like it with 4.3 Super Amoled screen, 1.5ghz processor maybe 2, and a 10mp camera with 1080p. Till then I dont see myself upgrading anytime soon.

totally agree with you, did that with the iphone and was like wow, people actually like that back in 2006? its like looking at a candybar nokia.

got some looks when i had my 17 inch laptop and 4 inch htc evo after driving a bmw. feel like mr money banks

I hope they add a button for the camera. That's all my Evo is missing. Not that I'd buy from Verizon, though.

I seriously don't get the sense in saying that 4.3in is too large but 4in is fine. It's .3 INCHES SMALLER. Seriously, I have no problem with my EVO's screen. I just bought my mom a Captivate and there is absolutely no difference in the way the size of the screen feels. I still have to shift the phone upwards in my hand in order to tap the capacitive buttons at the bottom on either one. They're both large and at the end of the day, there is no noticeable difference. Stop being dramatic.

As for this phone, it basically looks like a rebranded EVO. Good for Verizon customers. It's only helping push Android into the mainstream even more and that's what ultimately matters. For now, I'm enjoying my EVO and my 4G speeds until Sprint and HTC come up with an EVO2 something significantly better.

I love Verizon, and Moto, a LOT! I would prefer a Moto to an HTC. That being said... if Moto doesn't come out with something similar, or better, this might just be the phone that gets me to replace my Droid 1. At the moment I'd rather have my Droid than anything else currently available! I F'n LOVE IT!

But this phone does look sexy...

wonderful device....however you lost me at Verizon. I spend $70 a month for 450 minutes, fav 5, and unlimited data and txting. I can do about the same on Sprint. Verizon? About $100-$120 a month. Screw Verizon.

That phone looks really slick! However, it might be the same as the EVO internally. But who cares? Other people wanted an EVO on Verizon, so here it is. This is why HTC is better than Crapple. HTC can satisfy customer needs, while Apple cares too much about their power.

Actually Sprint worked VERY VERY Closely with HTC to design the Evo. On the first official release speech Dan Hesse made if you recall he stated that. Sometimes carriers do ask for specific design elements. In the Evo's case HTC had the supersonic shell in the pipeline and Sprint saw it and said hey we're launching our 4G it'd be great if u could do AB and C to what u have there is that possible? And from that spawned the Evo's final design

From all the licked documents, only one HTC phone is due in 2010 which should have 10 MP camera and above 1 GHz processor. However, this leaked image clearly show 8 MP camera. I can't wait till more detail comes out.

verizon should change there name to android wireless lol but seriously if this phone drops with LTE and is dual core. this will be my next phone from the X, i always wanted to try a evo/htc sense phone :)

This sucks! I wanted the Evo bad, but not bad enough to switch to Sprint again. I just bought my Incredible last week. Oh well, this is the problem we are going to have with these manufacturers dropping new phones every other week.