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EVO camera troubles, Thunderbolt Sense and Droid X GMail sync not working [from the forums]


This headline is a bit misleading. The EVOs are not having a camera problem. I'm an EVO owner, so maybe I'm a tad protective, but anyone reading that headline could only assume there's an ongoing camera problem.
On the bright side, you got me to look at the thread.

My EVO has a camera issue. Not sure what happenned, one minute it worked and the next day it wouldn't at all. Just a blank screen. It's the weekend so I'll deal with it next week.

Samsung Epic 4G camera quit working after mandatory software update installed. Gallery of pics is gone and camera flashes some kind of message for 1/10 of a second and then back to desktop. How the hell am I even supposed to read the message?!!!!
Also, cannot connect to laptop any more either (using USB connector.)