Evernote Wear brings your notes to Android Wear

Evernote has just released a standalone companion app to its Android app for users who use an Android Wear smartwatch. Dubbed Evernote Wear, the app allows you access notes, checklists, and search for note using voice using your Android Wear smartwatch.

In addition to retrieving notes, you can also create audio notes as well using your watch's built-in microphone. Here are the full features for Evernote Wear:

  • Create an audio note with simple voice commands.
  • View a note on your phone, lock the screen and that note appears on your watch.
  • Check off to-dos by tapping your watch, and add new to-dos by speaking the to-do name
  • Find notes by speaking the text you are looking for
  • Find notes you created nearby, and notes you looked at recently
  • See relevant notes and content appear on your watch whenever you have a calendar event.
  • For recurring meetings, see notes created during prior meeting.

For Evernote note-takers, is this a useful application of the Evernote app for Android Wear?


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Evernote Wear brings your notes to Android Wear


Isn't this a case of "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG"?? I thought the point was that wear apps would just be extensions of the regular apps?

Not that there CAN'T or shouldn't be standalone apps but in this scenario where its just duplicating function(more or less) of the already existing evernote app.
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Doesn't this app extend the Evernote functionality to the wrist? Allows you to bring up lists on your wrist while shopping... seems right. Quickly add to a note using your voice... seems right. Mark off to-do's... seems right.

Yes but it's not part of the evernote app. Its a separate app. So you'd have evernote and evernote wear in you're app drawer. The way they explained it at io was (from my understanding) that this isn't necessary and it can be baked into one app that would automatically push to the watch.
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I just installed Evernote Wear... still only have one app in my app drawer "Evernote"... now given I don't have my smartwatch yet so maybe that will change, but I can see why they kept it modular. I'm pretty sure you can hide apps to if it's that big of a deal.

How would you change it? I mean, which functions would you remove? It doesn't seem like functional overkill to me at all, This seems like an ideal use case for a smartwatch to me.

Not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is it shouldn't be a separate app. It should be ONE evernote app. The regular evernote app that would include the wear functionality. So you don't have (basically) duplicate apps cluttering the phone.

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Thank you Jerry. I really feel Google should have did a little hand holding on this first batch of apps for this exact reason. If they start out with developers just making an entirely different app its going to become the standard and that is not good at all.

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Yeah, I totally agree with you. I just didn't read the post closely enough the first time around. The functionality is good, but it should be part of and controlled by the phone app. I understand that people who don't have an Android Wear device wouldn't necessarily want to have all of the AW crap on their device, but I think a better solution to that would be to have two versions of the phone app: the app as it stands now, and an "Evernote + Android Wear" app.

If one installs the Evernote Wear app, should they uninstall the regular Evernote app to avoid redundancy yet retain functionality across platforms such as tablets and other computers?

Or are both apps required?

What does standalone companion app to its Android app mean?

The way I'm thinking about it, the phone/tablet interface would be exactly the same for both (with the addition of some extra settings in the AW version), so it wouldn't affect your experience one way or the other if you had the non-AW version installed on any device that you don't have connected to an AW device.

It'd probably be easier to just have one app across the board. I can't imagine that adding the AW features would increase the app file size by all that much.

That's the problem. The preexisting Evernote app should have been updated with wear functionality instead of creating an entirely new app that only does android wear stuff. Then there's no need to question why you now have 2 evernote apps installed.

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I agree with you, but maybe in the rush to have a presence on the platform they just kicked this out. It might have taken longer to add it in the regular app. I'm not a coder but that kinda makes sense to me. Your other point is valid too, hopefully this doesnt set a precedent.

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I think I figured it out.
The 2 MB Evernote Wear app is an add on 'companion' app to the 18.8 MB Evernote Android app which would take up unnecessary space if one isn't using an Android Wear device.

Still done incorrectly. If you're concerned about 2mb of space then you need a new phone.

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Well, what about the Evernote Wear app can be updated independently without needing to distribute it to the 50 million Evernote app users and the inherent issues doing so might introduce.

That's how google wants it to be fine. Apps get updated all the time with things that don't affect EVERY user. I'd rather not have multiple applications for the same service than have an extra 2mb sized app with occasional updates that don't matter to me.
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Google Docs and Google Sheets apps have been separated from the Google Drive app.

Language packages are separate and discrete updates in many applications.

HTC Sense features are now separate apps that are updated and available via Google Play. Of course this is a slightly different example as Sense feature updates bypass carriers' bottlenecks.

In Evernote's case, you have two applications in your app drawer, one of which presumably does nothing on your phone. I'd rather have an app that is 2MB bigger than have to deal with a useless icon in the drawer. Besides, I'm pretty sure Google wants Android Wear to "just work ". Having to hunt down separate Wear apps does not help this case.

"Google Docs and Google Sheets apps have been separated from the Google Drive app."

Docs, Sheets, and Slides are actually separate applications from Drive. The fact that they were released in one package originally made it hard for regular users to know that there was any kind of office capability within Drive.

Can't edit comments? Rats. Well I still think they should stick to Google's guidelines, but it's not quite as bad as I initially speculated.

My dad's a professor. His first reaction when I showed him what my Pebble does: "I'm going to end up hating these fucking things, aren't I?"

I have both a business Evernote account and one that's personal. The business side is mostly for electronic notebooks in a laboratory setting so that functionality is really about bulk note taking and lots of data. I can't see much use for a watch in those situations. Maybe as an event reminder but I'd likely do that via a separate calendar function.

My personal account however would be well served as I could quickly interact with lists, recipes, to do events, etc.

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Damn I swore away from evernote. Used to love it but it took forever to load and offline is only for paid members. Been using Google keep ever since and I love it. Evernote was useless when I loved in an area without any reception and crap WiFi.

But this is good for those who like it and use it. I agree that it should be a stand alone app. Most app developers finally got rid of the phone app and separate tablet app. Hopefully most apps won't get a wear specific app (unless new entirely).

Here's hoping keep gets hear support too.

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