The proven gameplay of Dungeon Hunter 3 has a worthy successor in the works for Android

Gameloft has just released the latest version of its extremely popular Dungeon Hunter game on iOS, and it's now making the announcement that the game will be hitting Android soon as well. To get everyone excited about the expanded release, it is releasing an official trailer of the new gameplay. Dungeon Hunter is a fun hack-and-slash fantasy game with new graphics and gameplay on top of the proven aspects of the previous games like multiplayer and an intense storyline single player mode.

Gameloft isn't quite ready to spill the beans on an expected date for the Android launch, but it reiterates that the game is nearly ready to hit Google Play. Take a look at the trailer above, and if you're interested in the franchise you can get a primer on it by trying out Dungeon Hunter 3 first.


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Dungeon Hunter 4 trailer now live, Android version coming soon


It's worth noting that previews of this game are claiming that it's pay-to-win, and that you only get 3 free health potions a day, enemies don't drop any health, and you need real money to buy more when you run out. Proceed with caution.

If you've ever played the previous ones you know that no enemies drop potions anyways. You buy them using coins in the shops. Not real money but in game currency which you get from completing levels. That is nothing different than before.

The point of my post was to outline that the game series has moved away from a pay-once traditional game model toward being free but pay-to-win. I know enemies don't drop health. I noted that to note how your only means of getting health is with real money.

There's also plenty more disappointing about this new entry: www dot kotaku dot com/dungeon-hunter-4-takes-in-app-purchases-to-a-diabolical-472475290

Just thought I would make that clear in case people that have either never played before, or have only played the first one didn't realize that's how it works.

Still not interested but I did have a sudden urge to re-install Diablo 3.

Also, American accents in a fantasy/medieval setting make me cringe so bad...

all the dungeon hunters are good games for when they came out... I still play D3. just hit paragon 30 in hardcore :)