dTor BitTorrent client for Android

Listen up all you file downloaders and everyone paying $10 premiums for unlimited data -- dTor, the native Android BitTorrent client is now available (as a release candidate) for download.  Blueplanetapps has made the client available exclusively on Android Central's Forums for a short time before it hits the Market.  Torrents are a great way to download big files like music or video, and a great way to distribute files you need to share, and now you can do it right from your Android phone.

Hit the forums to read about the app and for the download and support links, and remember -- legal files only, m'kay? [Android Central Forums]

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Me thinks some providers will not be so happy about this. Up Next? More throttling! YAY!

PopsGG says:

Honestly posting apps like this hurts other users. I know you have no control over if these apps exist, but it seems like spreading the word about them is a bad idea.

techh10 says:

Lol...agreed but I don't care I'm still gonna NOT not download it


zakth says:

I foresee big red blocking this application for their network especially if it sees a lot of use.

c4v3man says:

I'd like to have this app just for wifi usage. Don't need to risk being banned by using it on 3g, especially when wifi would be alot faster. Wonder if it has stuff like DL/UL caps, scheduled downloading, check for wifi, etc.

several says:

Off-topic political comment.


Argodabar says:

Too bad it keeps force closing on me. Even after restarting my phone. I'm using a stock Moto Droid.

b0xii says:

FC for me...now sdcard cannot be seen by the phone. Great app. Thanks for sharing.

txredwolf says:

Wow finally a posting about some software available to most Android users, speaking about 99% of the Android community who are running 1.5 or 1.6. I was going to give this a try until one detail was left out on this article, maybe the fact that it is not FREE!!! and you have to pay $4.99 to try it out. I like this website to get info about Android, but when it comes to Apps you leave 99% of readers out by posting apps not available to them, and only available to the 1% who have a handset with 2.0 and above. And most of the time you never even mention this is for 2.0 and above, please post things most of your readers can use and when everyone is caught up then start posting things available to 2.0 and above. Thank You "R"

c4v3man says:

Android Central - Latest platform percentage numbers

You're just wrong. The majority of users are on 2.0+. I agree, it would be nice to make it clearer who the software applies to, however your suggestion that "1%" of users are using new hardware couldn't be farther from the truth.

Kodros says:

Might want to check your facts before you start a rant next time. More then 50% of users have 2.0+ (http://www.androidcentral.com/half-all-android-phones-now-eclair). Also, it's not $4.99 to try out. It's free to try out for 72 hours.

swimrage says:

actually its more like 45% of users are on 1.5/1.6
you are right that less than 1% is at 2.0
but 2.1 is the majority at 53%


Kodros says:

Also, AndTorrent has been on the Market for a while now. It works decently.

smallpsych says:

I can't find AndTorrent anywhere... a little help please?

Bloodthirsty says:

hmmmm, can't get it to work right. keeps stopping. Moto Droid.

leftee says:

@ b0xii. . .

1. the app may be like many paid apps from the market where you buy and can return for refund 24 hours from purchase if you don't like it

2. if you really read what was on this site you would know that you're wrong about only 1% with 2.0 or above

3. there is no mention of it being 2.0 and above because this is a news site for stuff that is new. not reporting on last year's stuff because . . . well it's old; all the new stuff, new apps and new os and new phones are what we're here to see. i don't think anyone is interested in lamenting over phones and ancient os that either need to be upgraded or just plain replaced.

get a new phone and get with the times.

Kodros says:

BTW, every paid app is refunded if you uninstall within 24 hours. It's a Market policy, not a developer policy.

zegolf says:

I can't get any torrent I've searched for to start. I click on the torrent and it takes me back to the home screen with nothing happening. HTC Incredible.

spun2u says:

I would use this ONLY if I could set it to use WIFI only. Wouldn't want to use this over 3g.

McPlot says:

I can see using it over 3g. Or even WiFi. Either way, let it download the file while you are sleeping instead of leaving your power hungry computer running to do it. You can then always transfer it to your PC after. I want to pass the 5gb barrier since I have an Evo just to see what Sprint says, if anything.

Q-fugee says:

Two teeny problems with this:

1) Using BitTorrent is explicitly prohibited by the Terms of Use of all the big 4. Way way down in the fine print they have the right to flat-out terminate your contract with no warning. They all use deep packet inspection, and they all will put the clamps on this soon enough. They're doing it to data card users right now. The Juniper "god box" that most carriers buy and put on the network edge just throttles the hell out of it anyway. If you're getting decent bandwidth now, it's only because you are alone on the tower and gateway at the moment.

2) NO P2P software is any good without associated peer-blocking software. Is there anything equivalent to Peer Guardian for Android yet? If not, you are wide open to the pond scum of viruses and fake files masquerading on P2P, not to mention the RIAA and MPAA weasels. Even if you only use P2P for legit reasons, your IP will be on the watch list of both your carrier and the quasi fascist "enforcement" goons whether you're violating copyright or not.



Angelworks says:

I'm pretty sure phone networks run packet analyzers - the data from an app like this is pretty trivial to filter out (we do this on our student network here at school).

Q-fugee says:

Teeny problem with my teeny problem number one: I forgot about WiFi :-) Teeny problem 2 could be solved with filtering at your WiFi router, then.


comk4ver says:

here's your link to andtorrent
I'm actually having issues downloading in the background with andtorrent anyone know what gives I'm on moto droid, rooted? my boyfriend is on incredible nonrooted and his is working just fine... people who want QR see here http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-booleancorp-torrent-app-...
added bonus it's still covered under google's checkout...