Usually when we're put on hold, we put the phone on speaker and go do something else -- like the dishes. Does anyone actually pay attention to those terrible songs or that annoying voice that keeps on reminding you that "your call is very valuable," yadda. yadda, yadda? I, for one, don't. Well, to my surprise, somebody actually does.

This somebody was on hold with Verizon when they just so happen to hear some deep voice start talking about the Motorola Droid 2 Global. Remember, the Droid 2 Global hasn't been officially announced yet by Verizon. We've only seen random leaks, here and there. Click on the source link to hear the audio clip. It doesn't reveal much, but it does remind us that it is a global device. [Engadget]

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Jonneh says:

"Wonderful. Share a website with you. Believe you will love it." lol gotta love these guys. Same words every time. I like to imagine they actually read the articles and are responding seriously to them in this way.

lol. protip -- never start a comment with Wonderful. I almost deleted you along with the spamtrash :p

MowDownJoe says:

That spamtrash is getting very persistent. Hell, look below!

ShaneOryan says:

they are doing the same thing they did with the droid x and droid 2

they will heavily advertise the droid pro while they do a soft launch on the d2 global

zm976311 says:

Droid 2 Global works in 221 countries?? They must be in places no ones ever heard of. Last time I checked there were only 196 countries lol