Droid 2 teardown

Whenever a new phone rolls out, one of the first things that gets done (after the hands on video of course) is tearing it apart.  The Droid 2 was no exception, and the guys over at ifixit have done the deed.  A couple things of note they discovered:

  • The Droid 2 has the same battery as the OG Droid, but Motorola says it should last 49 percent longer
  • The 5 MP camera on the Droid 2 shoots at 30 fps, versus 24 fps for the OG Droid
  • The Droid 2  has the same TFT LCD display as the OG Droid
  • I'm going to quote this one, because it's a biggie. "After de-routing the ribbon cable through the slider mechanism, the keyboard can be easily removed from the back of the slider bracket. We believe that you can transplant a Droid 2 keyboard into your old Droid (they look identical internally), but we haven't performed complete compatibility testing yet."

Looks like the Deuce is turning out to be a more significant upgrade from it's predecessor that we all thought.  If the Faster processor and Froyo doesn't seal the deal, maybe the little details do it for you.  [ifixit]


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Droid 2 gets torn down; insides look familiar, too


lol i figured they would be similar... the D2 is more of an upgrade to the OF droid than an all new phone.

It is so similar to the OG Droid that I wouldn't see the point of upgrading if I already had the OG Droid. Of course if I didn't have a Droid and I had to decide between paying $50 more for the better hardware then it would be a no brainer.

I think that Verizon did so good with the OG Droid that they though why reinvent the wheel, just upgrade it. This phone will continue to sell like the OG because it can now compete with the top phones unlike the OG.

lol i figured they would be similar... the D2 is more of an upgrade to the OG droid than an all new phone.

Did they do this to DX? So u don't like look of new Droid swap the inerds over to old Droid nice

Wow, that link was ridiculously retarded. The person that wrote that was an obvious Apple fangirl. (Yes, I actually read it but even if it were written by a "male" he would still be a fangirl)

Agree with Dark Knight on this one.

Wah wah wah I love Steve wah wah wah I sleep with my phone wah wah wah.

It's not different than what gets posted here, actually the article here just displayed the facts, not be an ass about it. Our article is true and so is that one, because they're talking two different things, get over it.

Edit: oops... meant to post this to the main comment, sorry :)

If the keyboard could be swapped, and if it were easy enough, my OG Droid would be perfect! If this turns out to be true, I guess I'll start watching for broken Droid 2's on ebay or craigslist.

I still dont feel the 2 is that great of a leap forward. They are bringing out phone that is going to be behind the tech curve from the get go, and pretty far behind seeing as there is no front facing camera, no better screen etc.. Think ill be sticking with my OG Droid for a while longer.