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A few more updates are on their way for Google Glass — and one in particular we're pretty stoked to see.

First up is a change to backing up images — it'll only automatically do it when you're plugged in and on Wifi. You'll also be able to force a backup, though. You'll also be able to clear photos and videos out of your timeline, which is good if you've taken a whole bunch.

But perhaps more important is that Glass is getting smarter about phone calls. If you make or take a call with your phone, the audio stays on your phone and doesn't automatically route through Glass. Same goes for if you're not actually using Glass. If Glass doesn't detect that you're wearing it, it won't have control over the audio. Period. Absolutely a good change.

Look for the new build to roll out this week.

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A dormant Google Glass will finally quit usurping your phone calls


Ah, awesome! That drove me nuts! Even when I was at home with the glass charging it would jump my calls to my room. Thank you for the update!

I agree. Having Glass hijack your phone calls was a major pain. This is a small but very significant improvement.

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