Dead Trigger 2

A whole new world of weapons and online cooperative gameplay

Madfinger Games' follow-up to the hugely popular Dead Trigger is here, and it's now available for free in the Play Store. True to its word that the game would make its debut on October 23rd, Dead Trigger 2 brings all of that zombie-killing action you love with a new storyline.

The game also has a new set of game mechanics, building on a system of crafting new weapons before you go back out to fight the incoming zombie horde. You'll also have the option to combine forces with other players worldwide for missions and rewards, with weekly and monthly content updates. The graphics have received a nice bump as well, which we'll never turn down in a second generation game.

You can grab a download of Dead Trigger 2 from the Play Store link above.


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Dead Trigger 2 arrives in the Play Store right on schedule


How are these major developers not supporting Google Play Games?! I would be more inclined to purchase and play games if my save data would work across devices and be backed up in the event I had to reset my phone.

Looks pretty decent and runs ok on my N7 (2013). I still find on screen analog sticks to be pretty horrid. Already got into a couple of cases where I'm trying to back away from approaching zombies and I lose my control on the "stick" and end up getting hurt. I'd imagine this game would play pretty great and look a lot better on the Nvidia Shield though.

I don't like how they seem to have taken away the actual shooting from the player. I see how that would make sense without a controller, but for a game that supports controllers, you think they could have figured out a way to make it so if you have a controller, you can actually shoot, but if not the game can do it for you.

That, or maybe there's just a setting I've missed.

Yeah, I saw that. But I can't seem to find where to enable/disable actually shooting. I do see a place for "fire", but I'm not sure if mapping it will disable the auto-fire, or if it will just give you a way to go through ammo even faster.

(also, love the podcast and all the work you do on the site, btw.)

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that's under settings then hit control and under "fire control" hit the arrow and it will give you the option for Manual with ironsight

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Got it yesterday on my Nvidia Shield, controls are sublime! And full controller customization in game is wonderful.

Loving this thing more and more each day.

Good game I would enjoy it more if I can get passed the username screen. Every time I hit enter it forcecloses on me. I tried deleting cache and data and still happens

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