Prime upgrade $0.99 for a limited time

With version 2.3 of Dayframe, out now in the Google Play Store, we're treated to a couple of new features, but best of all everyone gets Chromecast support for free. Free version users will get no time limits or ads interfering with their pictures, but instead will get a small logo on the screen and a "pop-up reminder/nudge" about the Prime upgrade once in a while. The Prime upgrade itself is going down to $0.99 for a limited time as part of the update.

So, what else is new?

  • Can now add multiple Facebook friends at a time
  • Better support for wireless chargers (i.e. the Tylt)
  • Faster and easier to create playlists (as part of Prime)
  • Slideshow lighter makeover
  • Bug fixes

Grab the latest version for yourselves at the Google Play link up top.


Reader comments

Dayframe makes Chromecast slideshow free for all users


It does have handy timer functionality for executing apps and auto brightness levels. Other than that it has no pragmatic purpose, just aesthetic.

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Installed. Then uninstalled. I'm already using Muzei & like the idea of rotating wallpapers. Having said that.. this app needs a NSFW filter. One of the first pictures that showed up were of exposed T&A. Don't get me wrong. I love T&A... just not in a public environment.