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A quick heads up for everyone, The Dark Knight Rises has had an update pushed that brings it to the Nexus 7. Many of us were disappointed yesterday, when the game launched but anyone with a Nexus 7 couldn't download it. All that's changed now though, and the game is right there in the Play Store waiting.

There was an apparent issue in some cases too where the games assets were downloading twice. Thankfully, this has also been fixed with this update.

The download link is below, so what are you waiting for? Have at it folks, i'll be cashing in some of that Google Play credit now. If you're still unsure, be sure to check out our review of the game first. 

Download: The Dark Knight Rises

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Erckul says:

still not available on the Asus pad tf 300.

Miths says:

I bought a TF300 a week ago and was appalled to learn that there's close to zero support from Gameloft. Only a tiny selection of their older games are listed as supported.

Initially I thought they were just too lazy to get their games running on Tegra 3 in general, but since they apparently do run on some Tegra 3 devices, the laziness must obviously apply to another area of their development process.

From what I've read missing out on this Batman game isn't much of a loss, but there are other Gameloft games I would like to play on my new tablet instead of straining my eyes playing them on a small phone screen (which translates to a decision to just not playing them at all - I do still have both a PS3 and a capable PC at home after all).

MrTomRichy says:

This would be awesome.. If I had my Nexus 7.. Still not been shipped!

blipp says:

also, if anyone still cares about it, the Mass Effect game was just updated to work on the N7 (see what happened there?)

3rdpig says:

I care and I'm headed to get it now. Thanks for the heads up!

strra says:

i'm kind of feeling like gameloft tossed a little money in AC's direction...
first with the COMPLETELY misleading story title baiting clicks, then multiple stories about this obvious cash-in game. even an entire story dedicated to it now working on the nexus 7

am i wrong?

Shut up dumbass.... this is NORMAL for any android blog. Take your BS ssomewhere else

strra says:

lol ethug

brendilon says:

You're not 'wrong', you're a paranoid fool.
Why on earth would a blog for geeks get excited about and plug a blockbuster comic book movie's game being released? Gee... I dunno...

JobiWan144 says:

Still not available on my HTC EVO LTE. Poop.

capt4chris says:


enigma2u says:

Um bigger story is how dead trigger f@$$ed up the game on nexus 7...ugh I'm so pissed at them right now

Collusive says:

Still not available on Samsung Galaxy S3.

TLB69 says:

Ill wait for a special and get it them.