CyanogenMod9 Cid

With the CyanogenMod new mascot long since been chosen it was time to go ahead and put a fresh new look on the CyanogenMod 9 boot animation. As such, Cid has now taken his place and looking rather spiffy. You can check out the video below and by all means, hit the source link and let the team know what you think.

Source: CyanogenMod


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CyanogenMod Team introduce a slightly newer boot animation for CM9


I don't understand what's the big F****** deal with the boot animation? I would rather see the effort spent on tangible features.

It's OK. My first go around with CM9 nightly didn't work. Now I'm using a EUROSKANK variant of CM9 and it's fairly stable. Not sure what was causing the NIGHTLY to misbehave but all it did was loop at the boot animation and go no further. (Galaxy Nexus CDMA, Sprint)

Did you wipe data/factory reset from recovery before applying the ROM? I ran into the same problem and that was the crucial step I skipped.

^^^^^^I am definitely a bigger fan of the android on a skateboard for cyanogenmod. This new mascot looks more like an Alien than an android.

I know I haven't made it through my first cup of coffee yet, but I made no connection what-so-ever that this was an 'android'. I see it now that it was mentioned, but my first thought was that they chose Gumby's evil cousin for their mascot.

this is what they have to show for CM9? honestly, CM9 is nothing special. AOKP has it beaten by miles. I've been using CM for years and it has always been the best, but it's not there yet on 4.0. There are far more features in AOKP and the only thing I miss from CM9 is the DSP equalizer. Hopefully CM9 will get there someday, I know those guys are super busy.