CyanogenFor those of you patiently (or not so much) waiting for Cyanogen and Team Douche to release a semi-official Android 2.2 ROM, it's time to get flashing. CyanogenMod-6.0.0 RC1 was posted up early this morning, with builds for the Nexus One, Dream and Magic, which should cover a good many of us. You can snag the new builds in the usual places, including the CM Nexus One and D/M forums, XDA Developers (N1, D/M) and our favorite, ROM Manager.

For the noobs out there, the CyanogenMod series of ROMs are custom built from the official Android Open Source Project files by trained professionals (professional somethings, anyway), tested and released to the masses. (Check out the full changelog here.) We swear by 'em, and you should, too. [Cyanogen]

Update: A new CM Droid ROM is now in ROM Manager and the other usual places. Huzzah!

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Can't wait for this fully working on the incredible.

eric.atx says:

I am anxious for an evo release.

Kedar says:

I think Changelog link is broken... but that's on their end.

I've heard so much about CyanogenMod...
I'm awaiting an Evo release as well cause it seems promising.

icebike says:

404 on the change log Phil.

Is AC starting to have its own Slashdot effect or is their site always that slow?

It worked for me after a few tries. It looks like github is having issues today.

Spork1673 says:

need some evo love please 1!

Sorrows#AC says:

Saturn2K says:

I heard someone is sending him an Evo and he might start developing for it.

moosc says:

Really doubt you will see a evo or inc Rom. They got into trouble with HTC so they try not mess with it.

renzi555 says:

All three of the phones listed in the article are made by HTC...

moosc says:

its all about the sense ui. that is where he got in trouble at

Weeton#AC says:

doesn't mean he can't cook a rom without sense ui.

ltracte says:

Didnt CyanogenMod put out a statement a few weeks back saying that they were going to do a mod for the Evo? They posted it here on AC, along with just about every other android site, even engadget posted it i think

eric.atx says:

I seem to remember seeing something about an evo release. I hope I am not just imagining it though.

bigec4000#AC says:


moosc says:

no the moto droid is not released yet.

would any of these work on the cdma hero?

dgdave#AC says:

The Droid one is smooth. Very. Nice and very custmizable.

EVO users, its almost here!!!! Cyanogen tweeted that they have the cameras working. Brace yourselves, the moment is almost upon us!!!!

OctoPI says:

I'll wait on a more final version before taking the plunge. But from what I've been reading, this seems like it's gonna be worth voiding that warranty ;-)

bigec4000#AC says: