HTC Vivid at Costco

The HTC Vivid, one of AT&T's first LTE phones set to launch on November 6, will be carried by mega retailer Costco, according to the internal doc pictured above. While the announcement doesn't mention anything about price or availability, we don't see the Vivid going for much less than the $199 that AT&T has already announced. The November 6 launch date is only a few days away so we'll keep our eyes peeled for more details as they become available. One more document listing all of the Vivid's goodies can be found after the break.

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HTC Vivid at Costco

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the page says 256 MB ram? Really? Got to be a misprint

mnymrk says:

Yes definitely a misprint, I believe this comes with 1GB RAM. Also note it just says "WiFi: 802.11" (no b/g/n)...smh Costco!

BrianTufo says:

Too bad this phone won't get much LTE use for a while. Seems like a nice device but with AT&T having what, 5 LTE markets that's such a waste.

Many markets have lte, just not officially. Here in Indy, there is active LTE. The guy at my local store showed me the LTE hotspot they have in store. Still being tested out I guess.
The point is LTE is closer than you may think.

jsoncv says:

Waste? That's the dumbest comment, yeah why would a customer purchasing a phone that has amazing specs and put them on the forefront of technology so that when its deployed they aren't stuck in a contact that they can't take advantage of it. Stupid, this way its a good investment so that when its in they still have a great phone.

keith2k1 says:

Its not a waste that AT&T is getting this device. Everyone knows that AT&T doesn't follow everyone else so yes LTE will be limited but just give it time. What's the point of have mutilple LTE markets if those some of those markets are having issues???

opec says:

i never thought i'd have to choose between 4.5" phones on att. This is all happening so fast...

RAM fail?

Definite screw up on the RAM. It has 1GB installed, 16GB internal storage and accepts up to 32GB microSD. I've been waiting for this phone since the first pix leaked back in May. Gonna get it as soon as the Family approves the budget line item. I can't change carriers, so an HTC high end phone on ATT is a Good thing. I much prefer their build quality, the Sense UI and HTC's record of keeping their phones updated reasonably quickly.

IMjBI says:

WTF 256RAM better be a misprint. Has all the specs I'm looking for...Car RAMrod?!?!

galfert says:

Whoever can get their hands on the HTC Vivid early please report back if this has NFC. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks and see if NFC is listed. Thanks. I know it doesn't look good since it isn't mentioned...but I just want confirmation...I don't want to have to wait to find out on Nov 6th when I walk into an AT&T store and check for myself.

keith2k1 says:

Just wait like the rest of us, going into a store and play with the demo device before you buy.

Monsi1 says:

Wait... sense 3.0??? another error or not?? I think that it will carry sense 3.5

frmorrison says:

Sense 3.0 is what is on the Sensation (a recent Sprint HTC phone). Costco usually gets a price deal compared to AT&T, so it should be a little less than 199 (maybe 150).
I don't think any non-Nexus phones have NFC.
Regarding LTE, most areas dont' have it now, but they should in the next few years. It is good to be ready for them.

pablopinzon says:

I am more interested in the claimed native Visual Voicemail. Is that a fact?

bleedingme says:

I'm surprised there has not been much chatter about how this phone can record 1080p at 60fps.

kenshaw says:

I can confirm that it is indeed Sense 3.0, 16GB internal but 8.8 useable, 3.5 for apps and the rest is non useable. There is no NFC I checked. And yes it is 1GB of Ram.

Picked up the Canadian version yesterday the HTC Raider, same phone different name.

lucidlyseen says:

How do you like it? Is the strange shape in the back very noticeable? Details, Details - I've been very curious about this phone, anything you can tell would be appreciated...

kenshaw says:

The back is actually really nice. The battery cover is metal. The main problem I am having is the volume rocker is on the right hand side and big. So when I'm handling the phone I keep lowering the volume.

Phone is heavy but I like that, build quality is amazing. My major disappoint is the speaker level is low. At least to what I'm used to. Hope someone roots it and brings in some beats audio.

Mr.Froyo says:

only 8.8Gigs? dangit i needa buy an sd card now, i have about 10 gigs used up on my captivate

Well it happened. Had a 90 day return policy for my Infuse at Costco. 90 days were up this Friday 11/4/11. So I asked about the Vivid and they said they could not extend me. Had to upgrade to SGSII. So close. I was holding off for this HTC and I'm missing it by probably 2 weeks.

Arghhh!!!!! Phones are evil!

Hey, you can't go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S II. That 1.2 GHz Exynos SoC in the Galaxy S II will hold its own against higher-clocked Snapdragon SoCs.

bhayden25 says:

I am very excited for this phone. But the 256mb ram is an obvious misprint. Because why on gods green earth would a high end phone have so little ram? But also it says only up to 5.5 hours of talk time it has to be more. Because my inspire has a smaller battery and is rated better.

antpal200 says:

I work at a retailer in the Boston area, we got the Vivid in yesterday. NFC is confirmed to NOT be included. Almost 9 GB total space on phone storage, then it says an additional 4 GB Internal storage. No SD card included in box. Also confirmed 1 GB RAM, and Wi-Fi b/g/n for those who caught the Costco ad fail. Sense 3.0 is correct, not 3.5. And yes, this phone feels and looks as sexy in real life as it does on paper.