Android Central Contest Winners

If you're a registered member here at Android Central then you know our forums always have a contest happening. And if you're not registered, well -- now is as good a time as any. This week's winners are as posted after the break, and if you were chosen watch your email as we'll be following up during the week. Stay tuned for more upcoming contests folks. Congrats to the winners!

Samsung Galaxy Nexus giveaway in spite of Apple winning preliminary injunction

Google I/O t-shirts

Looking for the winners of the "Take Lloyd on an adventure" photo contest? Come back tomorrow when we'll have the announcement along with the winning entries!

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ljredeye says:

Oh whah...

BaMaDuDe87 says:

1st wanted to say thanks to AC dor having awsome contest like this...even if I didn't win :(
2nd Congrats to all the winners!!!

ofteno says:

exactly, you give the international comunity a chance :D

Westfire says:

Woo-hoo! Thanks AC, you're the best!!

Incitatus says:

Grats folks!

bogdaryl says:

Dang I really needed a new Phone. Or a shirt times are tough!

Wait, there was only one Nexus device to give out? I must have misread wrong. Congrats to the winners. :(

Well we have 2 contests for phones right now. Winners for the photo contest will be announced tomorrow. There is also an ongoing contest for 2 Nexus 7 tablets in the forums right now.

Thanks, Michelle. If you can't get in touch with Theot, I'd be more than happy to fill in!

Theot says:

I think she'll be able to :)

Ha! Congrats, Theot, you sly dog!

dacp283 says:

Congrats Y'all. Keeping fingers crossed for that nexus 7.

adazamim says:

Congrats winners
Thanks a million Michelle and Android Central,for the great giveaways :)
I hope to win the Nexus 7 tablet.

You rock

W1zz says:

Grrrrrrr... Sigh *jealous*... Congrats winners

cabs22 says:

I love AC. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Jbird47 says:

Congratulation!!!!, the second i posted to this on Friday my power went out and a tree fell on my car from the storm here in MD, haven't had electricity or running water since. Tethering my cm9 ics old school epic 4g to post this now, one thing i've learned is i'm officially done with Sprint they let me down terribly with horrible service that rendered my cell unusable during a very trying situation when i needed it most. Prepaid T-mobile Galaxy Nexus is in my future and Sprint will be in my past! (Cartman Voice) SCREW YOU GUY'S IM GOING HOME!

animatedroid says:

Tuning back in tmrw ~!!!

raju130000 says:

Love AC, keep up the great work of educating the new bees like me. I hope i win,

dabious says:

Congrats everyone that won!

jdizzle316 says:

congrats ac'ers!

Theot says:

Holy Crap, thank you AC! Never won anything like this! This is why I'm a fan! Avid podcast listener and forum reader!

Congrats. Enjoy the phone.

kaotik_187 says:

Congrats and Please feel free to enjoy MY galaxy nexus. LOL... just kidding! Enjoy it!

Congrats to all the winners. I am new to the android central forums, and will soon be new to my first android device. I was hoping to win that phone. It would have been a cool way to get a start into the Android OS. I am currently an iPhone user, but for only a few more days. I will be upgrade eligible in 2 weeks. SGS3 here I come. Again congrats to all the winners.

Ufofu says:

Cool, happy for all the winners! AC is the real deal.

randall2580 says:

Congrats to the winners!

droidmyme says:

Congrats to the winners, and thanks AC!

Better luck next time, y'all! :)

Mr_Twist says:

Thanks AC for this contest and congrats to the winners.
Hopefully I'll have a chance for the nexus 7. June 30th before noon the winners will be announced...j/k...congrats for all the winners.

Deaconclgi says:

Is it June 25th yet......? #stillwaiting

runtohell121 says:

Congratz to the winner! Damn.. was hoping there would be a surprise of winning near my birthday (1 day away) lol.. Oh well.. as usual, hard to win items xD

joshua.worth says:

Congrats to the winners..

wah wah wahn to me :-/

cucungux says:

Congrats to the winners!

DLD511 says:

Man chances are so slim..... hmmmm

Oh well Congrats. ^__^

beanman80 says:

Congrats winners and thanks AC for all the cool stuff you give away.

mroddriguez says:

Congrats to all, i still believe a latin american reader can win, looking fordward Nexus 7 contest.. Cheers AC..

bllackkman says:

Damn it!! I never win anything (Hater) But congrats to the winners

DuncanBishop says:

I'm new to the group of android lovers here..but I like what ya done with the place. I think I'll move in.. :)

aggiechase37 says:

I really thought my poem should have won...

trinihd says:

what about the Galaxy S III contest winner announcement?

trinihd says:

what about the Galaxy S III contest winner announcement?

DonnaJ415 says:

We are all wondering..... We

???? were......wondering