Instagram Notes picks up 'prompts,' friend tags, and more on Android

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What you need to know

  • Instagram is rolling out an update for Notes today (May 30), which makes good on a few teasers the company highlighted in April.
  • Prompts interact more with a user's Note, letting others provide their text-based or emoji response to an open question or statement.
  • Users can now tag their friends in a Note, which will immediately notify them.

Meta announced that users should prepare for some new features to hit Instagram Notes today (May 30).

As detailed in a post on X, Instagram is rolling out three new updates for its social Notes feature, which might help users elevate their quick posts. Firstly, Notes is finally picking up "Prompts." The idea is to encourage more interaction between a user and their followers. From your DM's page, users can start a prompt — which can be a question or anything to get the conversation going.

Others can tap on it on their respective DM's page and submit their text response or an emoji. Everyone who has responded will be represented by their profile icon with their response to the prompt nestled above it in a cute thought bubble.

When it comes to basic Notes, Instagram is bringing more interactability to it via "likes." After setting your mood, others who can see it can leave a "like," visible by a heart. Users can do so by tapping the heart icon in the reply field or double-tapping the Note itself. The original poster can tap their mood and see a comprehensive list of users who've left a like on their Note.

Moreover, there's a three-dot menu beside each user for extra options and Instagram's Messenger icon to initiate a chat.

Notes are also picking up friend tags. When writing their Note, users can use "@" to tag a friend of theirs and continue writing their mood. The one you've tagged will be notified once you post the Note.

Lastly, it seems that Instagram has also started displaying a user's Note from the DM's page on their profile page. This was a feature the company teased back in April, and it was still part of the features that were "coming soon." Now, users will notice their Notes above their profile picture inside of a thought bubble. Users can tap the bubble to delete it, write a new one, or see who left a heart.

It appears that Instagram is slowly rolling out these three updates for Notes starting today (May 30). Our internal tests show that the "like," tagging and profile blurbs are present on Android. However, we're still waiting for "prompts" to appear.

In April, Instagram detailed quite a few updates for its social Notes feature, one of which was "prompts." The company stated that it was still on the way, and we've now approached a point where it's finally rolling out. Cutouts were another big feature in April, giving users an extra, fun way of using their own photos as stickers in Stories.

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    The latest Instagram update introduces useful features like 'prompts' and enhanced friend tags, which should improve user engagement and interaction on the platform.