Goldgenie HTC One in 24ct. gold

Nothing makes us happier than being able to do cool things like partner with Goldgenie to give away a 24ct. gold plated HTC One. With the same great internal hardware we've come to know and love from HTC, coupled with a shiny 24ct. gold plated finish, this One is sure to stand out in a crowd.

Almost 6,000 of you entered to win this beauty, and now is the time to announce the winner.

Congratulations enel, and enjoy your new gold HTC One!

Everyone take a moment and wish the winner well, and watch for more great contests right here on Android Central, because we love giving stuff away as much as you all like winning it.


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Congratulations to the winner of the 24ct. Gold HTC One!


I forgot to add a smiley face so I am sorry if it seemed like I was having a temper tantrum. Lol

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And I forgot to add congratulations! Lol. I wish you could edit comments.

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Congratulations! If you don't want to keep it, I'll start the bidding at five American dollars. :)

Pretty damn sexy but so very impractical haha. I'd be terrified to take it anywhere...

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Congratulations my man! Treat her well, wash your hands and if someone ask to bum your phone for a sec, just say NO! Better luck to all of us next time huh. Thanks AC for such awesome contest!!!

njo¡! what's current...

I had a feeling I was gonna win this one lol. I always have that feeling though.
Hey congrats, let us know what you're gonna do with it.

Congrats Enel! The first thing you should do is go up to one of your friends who has an iPhone and be all like "Hey, that iPhone is pretty cool, but my phone is cooler." "Nah man, nothing is cooler than the iPhone, it's got siri!" "Really? Nothing? Not even a *suspenseful pause* an HTC One made of pure gold?!" and then have some godly music playing in the background to accompany your amazing victory!

congrats to the winner! if i was you i'd put that pig on eBay asap and get the max you can for it! take the money and run while gold prices are still relatively high!!! good luck!!!

Wonder why I didn't win?...Oooh that's right,I'm black.One of these days Jerry and the crew will feel sorry for me and let me!!!congrats bro.

Sent from my HTC One rockin Jelly Bean 4.2.1

Guys thank you very much! Believe me I'm speechless, I've never won anything like most of you and I still don't believe that I've won out of almost 6000 people... The first thing that I'm going to do when I got the phone is to unlock the bootloader and root it =). I just want to thank AndroidCentral, Jerry, Phil, all the guys here at AndroidCentral, I want to thank Goldgenie for giving us the opportunity to win such amazing phone, thank you all for this great gift, thank you very much!!!

Hi mate,just gonna say,if you don't give it to me now I'll hunt you down and murder you

Kthxbai :)

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I think these promotions is a lie, even more so congratulations to the seller. Wanted so much for a phone, my dream is to have an Android with 1GB RAM. And a waste of time I get accessing the Android core, so I'm more sad that I'm already: '(.

Now that's ONE heck of an awesome prize to win! Congratulations to Enel!!!

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Uns tem tanto e outros não tem nada. Uns tem tanto e outros não tem nada.
Few have so much and others have nothing.
:'(:'( :'(

That thing is truly hideous, but free is free and I'm sure it will be a good money making opportunity for him!

What a Prize to Win, Congratulations! Tho I still believe that my Glacial Silver htc One is still pretty special in its own right. ; )

Congratulations man.. i was really looking forward to winning the HTC One. really love that phone. well maybe next contest prize would be myne.
by the way i have never seen anyone besides an American winning these contest since my time on Mobile nations.. Show some love to the Indians as well Jerry :)

Congrats! But really a gold plated smartphone? Sell or trade it for a GS4. That's what I would've done. HTC is terrible with updates.

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I like the platinum edition from the makers of the gold HTC one. That's pretty sexy and sleek.

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I so had a dream that I opened my door and Phil and Jerry were wearing the matching Dumb and Dumber tuxedos and said "Tony check Android Central, you win the gold HTC ONE"! Sigh. Going back to sleep lol. Congratulations to the winner!

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Congrats Enel it's a killer phone and now you have one that's been coated in goooold. Time to pimp that sh#t.

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Darn! I wish I heard about this before it was too late! The HTC One is one of the best looking phones ever and with it covered in gold... OMG what a beauty!

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Congrats! Must give an update on how awesome it is! (ie how shiny it is!) :-D

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Oh! man even though it cuts right through you not to win this amazing device that too in gold :( life has to move on its just unlucky me, congratulations to you enjoy it to the fullest ;)

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