Okay. The folks at Compulab have made a new handheld device designed for the enterprise market called the exeda (pictured above). It's notable because it's going to be able to dual boot in both Android and Windows Mobile. What's even crazier is the device itself--just take a look at that thing. There's countless buttons and controls, even a dedicated right click button!

Taking a look at the specs: 3.5" VGA touchscreen, a capacitive trackpad, 520 MHz Marvell CPU, 128 MB RAM, GSM/GPRS/CDMA/UMTS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and get this: 10/100Base-T Ethernet Port. Yeah, we told you it was crazy.

Aside from its craziness, does the Compulab exeda mark a new trend? Will we soon see more devices that dual boot Android and Windows Mobile? What do you guys think?

[exedamobile via Engadget]


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Compulab's exeda runs Android AND Windows Mobile


It makes the G1 look svelte. Actually, it looks like a project from an industrial design class. But are there any enterprises left that can use something this specialized?

Very interesting, a dual boot smart phone is a very interesting idea. Say if you carrier is not Android friendly you could use your Windows Mobile side but when you are at home use the Android wifi side to your hearts content.


I haven't been Blackberry crazy before, this looks similar but different. I would probably take a look at such a device.

holy cow, that thing looks fricking sweet! im not sure how much id use the touchscreen though. I have the samsung epix right now, and I love the optical mouse on it! but I don't see why the ok button and mouse have to be seperate buttons..or why all those buttons are necessary. don't get me wrong, its sweet, but I don't know if id prefer it over the g1...I guess i'll have to get both :)