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Around here we don't judge people for their choice of smartphone OS.  We might point and snicker, but it's all in fun.  Having said that, there are more than a few people making the leap from an iPhone to an Android phone.  There's a world of difference, and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the "Android way" of doing things -- especially if you're used to iOS and their different, "Apple way" of doing things.  AC forums adviser, and all around guru of guides milominderbinder has you covered once again.  He's taken the time and broken everything down to the basics, with an eye for folks switching to Android from iOS.  It's a beautiful read, even if you're not an ex-iUser -- you'll probably learn something.  Be sure to hit the forums and check it out, and give milo a big thanks for his hard work!

Apple user's guide to Android


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The complete Apple user's guide to Android [from the forums]


I believe its their different way, the Android way of doing things......iPhone was first.....Android was a blackberry copy until the iPhone came out.

In what universe is the iPhone first? There were Treos and windows mobile long before it. Besides the logic systems are not touch versus keyboard control. His comment was more directed at the organizational structure behind the OS.

iPhone. It just works... whether you like it or not. Android gives you more of an "in control" feeling. I'd be interested in seeing a breakdown of Android vs iPhone ownership based on gender.

Why wouldn't you want something to just work? People shouldn't have to tinker with their device just to get basic things like a decent battery life.

Let it go. You don't need to be "in control" and making everything work. It's supposed to work out of the box. And what the hell is up with this gender thing? People - normal, non-techie people - purchase their phones based on what they hear and what they've experienced. Non-techie people choose the iPhone because they know what they're getting into and enjoy the experience. They don't choose Android, by large because they've heard mixed things about Android. If they've talked to someone that's owned a Nexus device, they probably heard great things. If they talked to someone that owned an Incredible, they probably heard horrible things.

The problem is that there isn't a straight answer on Android. You can't just pickup an Android and have the same experience because Motorola Blur, TouchWiz and all of their respective devices give different experiences.

SO, when people like you (and most other people on here) come along making your comments everyday about how much the iPhone sucks, it comes off as biased, non-nonsensical and wrong. There isn't anything wrong with being out of control when you aren't comfortable to be in control. There's nothing wrong with enjoying your devices and customizing them as you want. But that's all a personal choice that neither side of this stupid argument can understand.

I've had an iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, Nexus One, Nexus S and now the Razr. The iPhone was great. I never had to do anything to get it to work. The Nexi were nearly the same, but had their qwerks. Especially with battery life, until I rooted them and installed different ROMs. The Razr is really the first that has really just worked out of the box, no problems. But talk to my boss (IT Admin) that had the first Incredible before the iPhone was on Verizon and he'll have nothing but horror stories. Be it getting through the day on the battery, call quality, over-heating, glitchy software, etc, doesn't matter. He went to the iPhone and the only thing he didn't like was the feeling that he was selling out.

I worked for an IT company when the iPhone first came out. My boss got one, and a week later desperately wanted his Treo back.

iPhone doesn't have significantly better life. The first time I heard the phrase "The Mid-day Charge" was on an apple fansite with people talking about how iPhone users are used to having to charge their phone partway through the day.

The difference in experience is MINIMAL. I've used several different devices and those the widgets and some minor aesthetics are different, the same basics are the same across the board.

My G1 just worked. My EVO just works.
There is this perception that mac makes better products than others. As someone who has used Mac products, who uses a Mac every day, I can safely say they do not. It's different, but not better. And how do they make what few advances they make? By cutting out features left and right. It took, what, 3 versions of iPhone before they had cut & paste? A feature that existed on my pocket pc almost a decade before! Anyone knows that if your recipe only has 2 ingredients it's really easy not to screw it up. iPhone gives you bread and water, android gives you cake with frosting. People live on bread and water, but I wouldn't want to.

This sentence sort of encapsulates how Apple is different:

"Let it go. You don't need to be "in control" and making everything work."

Apple likes to TELL the customer what they want/need, whereas other companies LISTEN to what the customer wants and needs.

The only thing you need to know is this:

Have plenty of chargers available (work desk, car, night stand, living room, office, et cetera) and be patient because there's some lag. Other than that, it's a great and fun OS for tinkering.

Since when did Android EVER resemble Blackberry?! I remember watching demos of Android on YouTube way prior to the G1... & it NEVER made me say, "oh, just another Blackberry..."

Most of the iTrolls live under iCloud that why they always think apple products are better and first revolutionary products , enough said.