Google's Chromecast streaming dongle is getting a minor update starting today, according to the official release blog. Chromecast build 16664 includes persistent volume levels across viewing sessions, as well as improved support for the IPV6 networking standard and "improved DNS robustness." On top of that, Google says the new build includes the usual bug fixes and stability improvements.

The update will be pushed out to all Chromecasts automatically over the next week.

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Chromecast update fixes bugs, tweaks volume and improves networking


Definitely volume issues. The volume level resets to max when you switch apps or log out. It should reset to 50% at the most.

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Mine won't even connect to my home network anymore. Anyone have any ideas?

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Occasionally mine won't connect and restarting everything fixes it, including the router. If that doesn't work try hard reseting the Chromecast. I think the issue I have has more to do with the router than the Chromecast itself.

Unplug the power from your Chromecast and plug it back in. Was having issues with Plex connecting to it on 2 of my 3 chromecasts....however, my youtube and netflix was just fine. Very strange, but a power cycle fixed it all up.

Does this update get applied automatically in the background or do I need to force it to happen? I am new to Chromecast.

As long as it's powered and hooked up your good. You can always go into the app and check for updates as well.

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You can check it with the Chromecast app on you phone/tablet. Click on your device and at the bottom it'll say what build number it's on. Mine is still on build 16041.

So disappointed in that product, I bought two of them on day one now they are just gathering dust. It's another google poor man's airplay clone from google. My initial excitement for that product is all gone at this point since I realize that's as far google will go with it. Never again google.

Where have you been for the last month since the SDK was released? When was the last time you even bothered with it? There are apps coming out for this device left and right. What were your expectations from it?
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Have been here, even used it 2 weeks ago. My initial statement still stand. All it does is what airplay has been doing since 2010, casting things from phone/tablet/laptop etc.. to it. There is a reason why google is already on their 4th attempt with the living room with the recent "control leak" from the verge of android tv. I will stay far away on its announcement. I will check back on it 6 to 12 months after its release to see what support level google is throwing its way.

Sounds like you might need to top off your glass of haterade. I think iMore has a pitcher they keep by the door.

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Its actually quite different to Airplay. It doesn't stream directly from your device (although it can do). It is not selfish, it allows android & ios users to use it, as well as windows, mac etc. possibly windows phone too? not sure. Chromcast has an open SDK, so very easy and quick for developers to include the Cast button in their apps. And the best possible reason for Chromcast -PLEX!! couldnt live without it, so so good. I understand to get plex working on apple you have to jailbreak, or trick it into thinking its a trailer app or something.

Whatever, Captain Bitter.... I, for one, am very pleased with the $35 I spent on the Chromecast, and use it several times per week streaming Netflix and other stuff.

Send them over to me then. I have 3 and use them daily. Plex, Pandora, Netflix, Youtube, Google Music, Crackle, Vudu.....

Yup. My wife and our friends Chromecast everything now. Between price, simplicity and functionality this might be the best piece if tech to launch in the last three years.

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I agree with that! I love that any of my friends or family can get onto my wifi network with their own devices and start casting their own content to it. If my buddy rents or buys a movie on Vudu, we can watch it at my place without worrying about sign in names or passwords for different accounts. It's way better than any Blu-ray player or console for streaming since they are tied to a specific account and more cumbersome to use.

Contrary to your gathering dust experience, I am using mine WAY more than I thought
It gets used daily in our house streaming Google Music, streaming Soundcloud music, watching shows on Hulu+ and occasional VUDU rentals. Best of all it's significant other proof. Finally something the non-tech hubby can understand and use on his own. Love it.

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I thought I was not going to use my chromecast that much, but now I can't live without it. I've them on all my tvs now and I don't even watch TV. It's the best for my daughter's movies, Pandora, revision 3 etc. Love it

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These updates are making huge improvements, my chromecast is much more stable and works better with my devices now than when it first came out.

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Sweet I just got one. Had to give away my ps3 and moved. So now I can watch Netflix and my Google play movies or whatever is on chrome.

More importantly I can shut off the screen and still have something playing. Vudu support all my UV movies. And with all cast any videos on my tablet can cast now. This replaces my cheap laggy miracast adapter. But I needed it in the land with no internet. So glad to be back. Best $35 I ever spent

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Yeah I'm not sure how spending $35 bucks to cast just about anything from your mobile devices can be a disappointment. Unless of course you’re looking for a reason to complain and tell the world how great being a i-drone can be.