Google this morning announced an update to the Chromecast stick that'll roll out over the next week. It's calling this "largely a maintenance release." Here's what's new:

  • Kernel update
  • Security fixes
  • Robustness improvements
  • Security enhancements

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I hope they release an update that brings other video streaming options (Amazon Prime, etc).

milesmcever says:

Wouldn't that require amazon to release a real app for android first?

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Amen to that. It's no wonder Amazon Prime is the step-child of video streaming.

icebike says:

You can Cast Amazon Movies from your computer (select flash mode in the web-browser player).

But yeah, Amazon should get on the ball here. Why would Amazon not want this? All they do by holding out is lose sales to Google Play Movies.

Johnny Z says:

...waiting for the Plex/Bubble add-on so I can stream videos off my network. Plugging in an HDMI cord is literally taking me up to 3 extra seconds and I don't know if my thumb and forefinger will be able to take it much longer.

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heathroi says:


Incitatus says:

Carpal Tunnel, calls lawyer.

Telomir says:

Thanks boss

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mzanette says:

C'mon Googly, hoping this is the last maintenance release and the SDK goes gold before October.

sorbe88 says:

UK release please! Come on license agreements!

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tim440 says:

I want it in Spain too!

blocoholi666 says:

Just import one... Netflix, YouTube, Google play and tab casting works great here.

tim440 says:

Where from? Aren't there any problems with power compatibility?

dustinfrank says:

"robustness improvements".. Ha!

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bcbenton says:

I hope this fixes my chromecast. I have to say it's a huge disappointment for me. I have to re-connect it every time I use it.

bdmridgback says:

^^^^ Then you have other issues ^^^^

rserda says:

This is true... I've had NO issues whatsoever with connectivity to my ChromeCast.. it's always on... streams smooth as glass... blows my Samsung Smart Blu-ray out of the water!!! no buffering.. no wifi issues.. so simple.. so reliable... ordered on for the TV in the Family Room as well!

it's you dude... :/

mzanette says:

Sounds like there's an issue with your Chromecast. Mine has been plugged in since day 1, never have to touch it, turns on with the TV and streams with no issues.

I may have a similar issue. Mine pretty regularly will look like it's fine when I switch over to the input it's connected to on the TV, will say it's "Ready to Cast", yet none of the apps (Netflix, YouTube, Google Music, etc...) on either of our phones (mine & wife's) nor the extension in the Chrome browser on my laptop will see the Chromecast device to be able to cast to it (on the phones the cast button won't appear at all). It's completely random and will seemingly "correct" itself, as you'll be able to go back later (sometimes 15-20 min, sometimes an hour or more) and try again and those apps will magically have the cast button back. Or if I'm REALLY wanting to watching something via cast then I can reboot my modem/router and that "fixes" whatever the issue was. I've searched and inquired nearly everywhere I can think of at this point and can't come up with a "permanent" fix for the issue......just living with it. But when it DOES work like intended, it's awesome.

pckocher says:

I would not be surprised if your router was flaky. It's worth looking into. I installed a Chromecast for my friend, and she was having all sorts of trouble with having to reconnect. But it's the same for her laptop, it turns out. So I've brought her device back to my house, and it's running perfectly day after day on my network.

icebike says:

I've got a brand new high end router, and my Chromecast will every once in a while not be found on the network from any device until I reboot the router.

Lately chromecast has started appearing in list of available routers in the wifi connection list. I kid you not, it shows up as a router. I can even connect to it, but no data transfer is possible. Usually when this happens my real router becomes unaccessable, and requires a reboot.

When it works, it will work for a few days before this symptom reappears.

rkirmeier says:

They need to release the SDK out of beta! My Chromecast is pretty much collecting dust now cause of the limited app support...

BartmanJax says:

Agreed, While the price was hard to beat and the 3 mos of Netflix was nice, the lack of support for other apps is disappointing. It would be nice if we could hear something from Google about what's coming. Seems like nothing is really happening, but that's just my perception. I really hate not having HBO-GO support, not only on this, but no support on any 4.3 device (my GNex and N7).

icebike says:

They need to get the bugs out first.

No point adding a horde of half debugged apps to muddy the waters when the device itself has some pretty widely seen problems.

gonecks1 says:

I love mine. Once more apps work with it, I'll be getting a second.

seanjenkins1 says:

Imported one to England. The netflix code works too. I think it's terrific.

I would love the ability to cast to the TV but listen to the audio through my devices.

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I wonder how many folks with weird connectivity issues would benefit from a firmware update to their routers. It's not a cure-all, of course, but it's a place to start.

NastyNeil says:

Anyone known the updated version #?

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NastyNeil says:

Just checked, it is 13300

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rudyy50 says:

I found the Chromecast UI was clunky on my 2012 Nexus 7 using Netflix, so I bought a Roku 3.
Don't get me wrong, the Roku UI is somewhat clunky, too, but the remote makes it better.
Meanwhile, the Chromecast (and the two new ones I have) just sit there.
I imagine anything released for the Chromecast will be released for Roku, if it isn't already.

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dgchandyman says:

K I was stupid, I actually thought I could plug in my chrome cast into my TV, turn on my wifi on the Android and start watching streaming video. Ok so I didn't read up on these before I bought it. So I was told I need a network. K checked that out, but it comes with software to install on your computer. Wtf. I'm not buying a network and a computer just to send streamed u tube videos to my TV. So now I have this useless chrome cast. Can somebody just make a home wireless, blue tooth/wifi network stick I can plug in my TV and start streaming video and music? Come on tech ppl. I know it's comming. Don't make build it.

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dcdttu says:

Can you use more than Netflix/Google Music yet?

Cause content is key. You've got a runaway hit, Google, now deliver or you'll lose it quick.

icebike says:

Google Play Movies and TV works fine.
Almost anything you can show in a Chrome browser window works too.

ne0ne says:

For those interested I'm giving away a Chromecast to kick start my new YouTube channel. Selecting the winner at random on 10/1.

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jam24u says:

I received my Chromecast today. I followed the setup instructions, and was doing so from my laptop, however it said that it could not find my internet. I tried a couple more times, even making sure my chrome browser was up to date. Then I went to my Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, which acknowledged connecting to the same wifi internet as my laptop, and it finished the set up in seconds. I did not want to hook up to my phone and use up my data.

I want to use my laptop. Any recommendations?

Chromecast only works over WiFi, so it will never use any of your cell phone data plan.