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It's worth a quick reminder that Chromecast doesn't just mirror a browser tab onto your TV. You also can beam individual YouTube videos on over, same as you do from your phone or tablet. By now you've got the "Google Cast" extension installed, right? Once you've got it, just head on over to Youtube and fire up a video. Then look for the Chromecast icon in the lower right. Click it and choose where you want to send the video to. Done. 

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Chromecast tip: Broadcast Youtube videos straight from the browser


You mean your whole desktop screen, not just chrome. You must be using the latest Chrome beta. Hit the Chrome Cast button in the top right, then hit the drop down arrow. Then hit cast entire screen.

Yes. I was playing with casting tabs from Chrome when I noticed the option to sling the playing video directly to Chromecast last night.

Now the wait begins to see what else devs will do with this cool little gadget. Worth every penny so far.

This is a really weird move from Google... Why not a Android-cast ? Like many others, my new phone does not have a micro HDMI port, and I don't have a wireless-enabled TV or monitor.

If they think this dongle would "woo" me over, to use Chrome or purchase a Chromebook, it won't.

In fact after the novelty wears off, people will come to realize that it's limited in use, and perhaps a Cabled solutions still trumps it for most of us. I already have a bevy of devices that display Youtube and more on my TV, I also have a media streamer. I don't need a browser out for my laptop (It sports HDMI out, and Blu-Ray on-board), I won't buy a dumbed-down device like a Chromebook just to use this, but would kill for and Android to HDMI wireless dongle. This way, my frigging 700$ quad-core phone can be used to it's full potential and replace my Wintel PCs.

First off you don't need to connect anything to your phone only the Chromecast to your TV via the HDMI port which just about every TV made after 2009 has for sure, secondly your TV doesn't need to be wifi enabled, the Chromecast itself connects to the wifi not your TV. Your facts were wrong now you are free to rethink your opinion on the product

This IS your Android to HDMI wireless dongle. You connect no physical wires to your Android phone or tablet so you don't need to have micro HDMI port on your phone. You connect Chrome Cast to any TV with an HDMI port, you don't need a wireless enabled TV. The Chrome Cast acts as the wireless receiver dongle which receives the streaming video and displays it on your TV.

He's saying that he wants to have the full android UI and launcher available, a true screen mirror rather than just certain portions of content selected by developers. You get that with a corded HDMI connection, but there currently is no perfect universal wireless solution that does the same thing.

Just wait a bit I'm sure that this functionality is coming. The SDK for Chromecast hasn't been available for long. An app that does this should come out soon.

I think they chose Chrome instead Android is:

1)Chrome is available on almost everything, PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad.....
If it was just Android it might be a little harder to cross platform.

2)I think this is a extension to features that are already baked into Chrome. This is just Chrome syncing taken to a new level.

Last you have to remember Google is a very long term thinking company. Things you might not understand now makes a lot more sense 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 years from now. Personally I think Chromecast is a brilliant product, it is small, cheap, and simple enough that my less tech acquaintance can use.

Like the many products they spent years and millions developing only to cancel them after no one used them? It's more like they throw things against the wall to see what sticks. I think this is why Page took over and Schmidt was demoted to saying dumb things in Public.

This product will stick. I've been using two since yesterday. These Chromecasts are way more convenient than hooking up a laptop to the TV. Even using the Roku seems clunky compared to Cast. Once Chromecast gets Amazon Prime I'll be dumping the Roku.

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Cast Prime from a Chrome desktop browser. Hit full screen in the browser. Works great!

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Does it display My file manager or other apps ? I need something capable of displaying more than merely a browser window.

Not yet. Google released the SDK so devs can add chromecast support to their apps. The possibilities are endless.

Also, it does more than cast chrome tabs. It casts Netflix, YouTube, and Google play movies and TV, and Google Music.

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I just did a proof of concept installing divx web player and downloading a .mkv and playing it in a tab.

.mkv -> cast to telly fairly easy.

Phil, since you just updated the Android Central app with YouTube, are you looking into now adding the Chromecast support to the app?

Twonky Beam does this on Roku. I think Roku is a far better and more capable device but I'm picking up one of these for traveling when I'm in hotel rooms. Whenever they get back in stock somewhere...