'Overwhelming demand' causes Google to shut down limited-time offer quickly

One of the biggest selling points of the Chromecast for many people was a promotion that Google offered for three free months of Netflix subscription with the purchase of the dongle. At just $35, factoring in the cost of three months of Netflix at $24 it made the Chromecast a no-brainer purchase. It was that big of an impulse buy for enough people that Google, in a statement to The LA Times, said it has ended the promotion:

"Due to overwhelming demand for Chromecast devices since launch, the 3-month Netflix promotion (which was available in limited quantities) is no longer available."

While the promotion was listed as a "limited time offer" from the beginning, nobody really thought that it would have been this limited. With shipping dates on Amazon and Google Play alike now pushing into the range of weeks rather than days, the demand for these dongles may have just pushed over the limited number of free months Google and Netflix agreed to offer.

The Google Play page for the Chromecast has been updated to remove the Netflix promotional offer, and even though we wish it was still available the Chromecast is still a darn good deal at $35 without it.

Source: LA Times

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ltracte says:

So how do we know if we qualify for it or not? I ordered mine yesterday, before it was taken down, but the status is still listed as processing.


If you ordered yours from the Google play store you should have gotten an email from Google with the codes ... I ordered 5 and got all my codes.

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bearda says:

I haven't yet, but my device hasn't shipped yet either.

Strommer says:

How do you know it hasn't shipped yet? ....unless you got an email that is...

ltracte says:

I ordered 1 at 11:47 AM PST. status in google play says it will ship by aug 7th, and the status is listed as Pending. SMH I hate the play store

ltracte says:

it was ordered yesterday, BTW, not today

ultravisitor says:

How is it the Play store's fault that you didn't order earlier?

ltracte says:

hmmmm... i waited 90 minutes after it went on sale to get one, so obviously its MY fault...the play store has yet to get a product launch right.

Mindstar says:

That is demand. They made a certain number which was either purposely or accidentally less than they needed to make and now you have to wait. Your complaint is like being mad when you don't leave early enough to avoid traffic. Clearly you have seen Google launches before as you said that they never get it right, so you should know to jump on the purchase sooner if you want the device day 1.

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ltracte says:

Your point is not without merit, but you dont have to be a dick about it, lol

brendilon says:

When you whinge on the internet, folks will be dicks to you about it.

Michael J H says:

Not necessarily. It's always quite refreshing to me when I happen across a thread or forum where someone is doing something like this, and the members aren't dicks. Unfortunately uncommon.

ultravisitor says:

That's right. It is your fault. It's called "first come, first served."

Did you think they were going to save one just for you?

Sean Kelly2 says:

I ordered two on day 1 and it had a ship by date of 2 Aug, however, it shipped on 25 Jul and is arriving today. So, don't put too much stock in the ship by date.

Devlyn16 says:

I ordered day one, bout still have received no codes. Looks like I'm going to have to place a call to google in a few hours

Devlyn16 says:

Called Google, they said Since I had a Day 1 order, my codes would be emailed when the device ships :)

randyw says:

Good to know. I got mine on day one as well.

itscrapstick says:

I went to best buy and bought one a few hours ago and the Netflix code is on my receipt.

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Now I wish I did it on day 1. Was gonna get 2. No rush now I suppose.

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PapiManCT says:

Hahahha me want mine now

nickel3956 says:

So glad I bought it yesterday! Was the promo per device or per person? Example: since I bought 2, do I get 6 months of free Netflix?

yankeesusa says:

You can use all of them but I think only one code per account.

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Picked mine up at best buy an hour ago and had the promo code on the receipt.

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GMC MaXx says:

Me 2

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cammykool says:

i got an Email with mine (bought about noon today)

andreo says:

I didn't think Best Buy was going to have them until next week.
That's what I get for checking their web site vs just walking in the door.
If they would have shown them in stock when I was at the site I would have ordered and picked it up at lunch.

I'll check my local store tomorrow just to be sure, but I'm pretty sure if they did have any, they don't any longer.

flagg902 says:

I'll try and shed a tear for you all down there, but it is hard when Google has blocked me from even ordering one from across the largest unguarded border in the world. BTW, we do have running water and non-igloo housing in Canada, however neither Google Wallet or Google's paid music service have yet to make an appearance.

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kramdens says:

Lol.. Amen to that!! I'm debating driving across the border next week to get the Nexus 7.

blackbyrd says:

Flagg, r u a blues man? I like your R.J. avatar.

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flagg902 says:

Thanks, blackbyrd. Yeah, I'm a delta blues fan for sure.

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Sean Kelly2 says:

Don't blame Google solely for that; it also has to do with the evil media empire asserting their control over content. It's a nightmare trying to get them to agree to 'allow' new devices and capabilities across the internet.

David Suarez says:

Amazon shipped mine early today but I still have not seen a Netflix code email. Bummer. Can't believe this is what Google meant by "limited".

yankeesusa says:

That's what I said. They should have prepared for this

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rootedVette says:

I talked to Amazon about mine earlier. They said the Netflix code will be packaged with the device.

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Thanks! I wanted to know this.

dmatherl says:

Damn. Now I get to dig through the trash.

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It's definitely not. Since I got mine today. Says right on the website that the code will be emailed within 5 days.

dmatherl says:

New update on Amazon's site that says anyone who ordered before 5:31 will receive their code by email within 5 days.

chowdog13 says:

Well I have to wait a bit now, 3-4 weeks but it sure as hell beats the months spent waiting for my Nexus 4.

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deltatux says:

Google should have learned from the Nexus 4 launch mess that they should always limit the number of purchases per person...

Too bad us Canadians have to wait ... again...


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Heisenberg says:

I'm in no rush to order one then.

yankeesusa says:

I ordered one from best buy and during checkout it said I had 2 items. The device and the Netflix code. I ordered another one from Amazon and I don't know if that one comes with the Netflix code.

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symo#AC says:

Ok, so now that Google doesn't have to think about this promo crap anymore, perhaps they can make the freaking Nexus 10 dock I've been waiting for since it came out. It would really be special if they could do it like maybe before the New and Improved Nexus 10 is released.

toonhead85 says:

Gillaroo I got my 3 months before I read this

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victory0901 says:

Statement from Amazon

Netflix Promotion Expired
Please note that the Netflix promotional offer (which was available in limited supply) has now ended. Customers who ordered their Chromecast prior to 5:31 PM PST on 7/24/2013 will receive a Netflix gift code via email within 5 days of their products ship date.

nnhs says:

My order just made the cutoff by about a half hour, then. I don't have an estimated delivery date yet though.

Adamsville says:


guinnkevinr says:

I ordered mine from the best buy website yesterday and it's shipped today. So far, no netflix code in email. Hope it comes in the box.

bbqdroid says:

Look at your Best Buy order online. You should see that you have something in your "digital library". That's where I found my Netflix code.

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Does Google botching a product launch really surprise anyone?

Actually, they didn't botch this one. Even having Amazon and Best Buy on deck didn't/doesn't change the fact that the Chromecast was the victim of overwhelming demand.

If you weren't able to order one, blame the consumers that beat you to the mouse, not Google.

At least, Amazon and Best Buy will have stock again soon, so one doesn't have to solely rely on the Play Store.

Definitely not the end of the world. And you can still order one, shipping is up to 3 to 4 weeks on play. They should have known though for $35 these things would fly.

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winenerd says:

It's apparently Netflix fault on this one, they were the ones offering the promotion, but Google probably did not inform them of the expected demand. I think this one took everyone by surprise though. I figured there would be huge demand so I ordered the minute I saw it.

ne0ne says:

Frankly I feel they should have never included the three months free of Netflix in the offer. Considering 35 is already very reasonable for such a device, why do something like this which will only upset people? Just feel it would be better accepted if they didn't have this hiccup. But it still won't stop people from buying it it I'm sure.

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big_Drew says:

Google needs to abandon the "available today" strategy, and hold their launch events, followed by several weeks of pre-ordering to size up the demand. THEN start shipping when they can meet their sales obligations. People get nasty when they're told they can't have their toys...

flagg902 says:

The problem is that they want sellouts. It is good hype and viral marketing. Apple set the bar for that kind of thing, and now it is just standard operating procedure in the industry. Also, it is risky to produce a million devices when you don't yet know the demand. Eg- if they had gone nuts building the Nexus Q last year they would have lost their shirts.

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Premium1 says:

Or have a limited number that can preorder and once it's met cut it off til you have more stock instead of making people wait weeks/months to get it.

Woosh says:

That's just stupid....You are saying ppl get nasty when they don't get their toys but you want us to wait a month AFTER they announce something to get it? That will not solve any of this. Plus I ended up with 3 of these things....they're for sale if you wanna go get them. So no Netflix bundled, it's still worth the $35 imo.

MarkSeven says:

I agree with you. There should've been a time window for pre-orders for at least a week or 2 just so they know what kind of demand they are working with.

kicko says:

as noted on AMAZON
Netflix Promotion No Longer Available
Please note that the Netflix promotional offer (which was available in limited supply) has now ended. Customers who ordered their Chromecast prior to 5:31 PM PST on July 24, 2013 will receive a Netflix gift code via email within 5 days of their product's ship date.


Just stumbled upon a link, posted by pineapplequer in the Crackberry forums:

Can't post the link. But, if you Google "Droid Life Chromecast You Can Play Local Video Files," you'll come across an article by Droid Life, about how to "cast" locally stored files, form your PC to the Chromecast.

Not sure if anybody else here knew about it.

Didn't mean to hijack the article, but this was the newest story here about the Chromecast.

Insp_Gadget says:

I ordered right after the broadcast was over. My order has shipped (supposed to arrive tomorrow); but I never got an email from Google with any promotion codes. Only got the normal Play Store emails confirming the order and shipment tracking.

I can't imagine that I was too late, but oh well. I'm already a Netflix subscriber, so it's not the end of the world.

Premium1 says:

Here's to hoping the Moto x launch will be handled better. Someone at google needs to be fired because they have yet to launch a product and it not be a total clusterfu**. Come on google the biggest advertising out there and can't figure out how much demand it will have or fix the play store?

EvoMCS says:

I picked up one at BestBuy about an hour ago right before they closed and the promo code was on the receipt and I got an email from BestBuy with the code. Redeemed it on the Netflix website and was credited $24.97. BestBuy said I was the first person to buy one and they have 40 in stock. This thing is great! I think I'm going to go pick up a few more in the morning.

chad783 says:

I ordered mine during the presentation through the Google Play store because I figured that it would sell out quickly. Tonight, it is still pending, hasn't shipped and no email with Netflix code. I better get it and not get screwed. I am kinda upset that others already have it or that it is shipped and I still have to wait until Aug 7th (date that it says it will ship). Anyone else have this happen to them?

bmg1001 says:

So the Chromecast is sold out huh...reminds me of the launch of another google device that got sold out...

Tower72 says:

Just got mine from a local Best Buy...code still worked!!

f1drivr says:


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smooney3 says:

Like a few other people here, I got mine at a Best Buy store an hour before closing today and had an email with the code before I left the parking lot. Don't trust the website, though. Actually call them and have them check the SKU. Every store in Alabama said they were out, but when I called, all of the ones near me had a crapload of them sitting in a box in the backroom. Apparently, they were fresh off the truck.

Oh, and it's awesome, btw. For $14, after tax and Netflix credit, I feel like I stole the thing.

For the people who got theirs at best buy B&M what section were they in. I went to my local store to check and no one there knew what I was asking for. When they looked up sku it should they had negative 7 and only confused them more. I walked around the whole place hoping i would stumble on them.. no dice.Lol

hisownhero says:

Back in the computer area. Sorta surprised it wasn't with home theater.

smooney3 says:

Mine was on a pallet en route to the home theater department. Also, they'd never heard of it and kept calling it an MHL adapter. So, yeah...

EvoMCS says:

They looked all over the store and I kept telling them that they just came in and were probably boxed up in the back and that's where they least they had heard of it and knew what I was talking about.

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RobinVFR says:

I ordered mine on Play the very first day. It wasn't supposed to ship until 8/2/13. I just got notice that it's already shipped and will arrive tomorrow! NICE!

Same. Ordered first day and was told Aug 2 shipping. Email overnight.... Has already shipped. No cable here. Think I'll use this a lot. We use Netflix on computer only and this will be our first streaming device.

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wagonis says:

I'm not a big Netflix user but i will be for three months since I got my order in yesterday afernoon with Amazon. :-D

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Foooooote says:

picked mine up from best buy around 3pm 7/25 after I got home and set it up I got a email from best buy about a hour later with my netflix code

tx_tuff says:

A very cool product at a great price, and still people bitch. Go figure.

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stevedo says:

Folks can always find something to bitch about if they so wish.

Via a cool AC App on a great Nexus 4

quailallstar says:

Long live capitalism! I was on the fence for one of these but didn't pull the trigger fast enough.

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EvoMCS says:

Is there any need to keep the Chromecast app installed on the phone after setup?

glazedfaith says:

"Please note that the Netflix promotional offer (which was available in limited supply) has now ended. Orders placed before 1PM PST on 7/25 will receive their promotion code once their order ships."

VK7HSE says:

I'm just annoyed that it's not yet available for sale in Australia... I'm not interested in the netficks promo I just want the device...

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ishore99 says:

If I purchase a Chromecast, set it up at home. But I travel, can I take it with me and use it in other locations. I have either my Galaxy Note 2 and a Galaxy Note 10.1

MarkSeven says:

I couldn't buy it right away because there are other things I needed first so I waited 'til this morning to order one from Amazon (I do have to wait 'til they restock). I didn't know the promotion had ended so I'm kinda bummed out. I coulda used some money back from Netflix. Google & Netflix should not have pulled out on the offer so soon regardless of the overwhelming demand for the product. They knew this was something that was needed. They should also have limited the purchases per person. Oh well..

I'm confused...I ordered mine by chance like right as the guy game on stage. I just happen to be on the play store. Yet mine hasn't shipped and I have no Netflix notification...

zhecht says:

Damn, my order time was 5:37PM from Amazon!

PHER1234 says:

I just purchased from at 11:10am this morning (7/26) and received my Netflix code by e-mail at 12:26pm. Apparently, Best Buy still has them.

John Nemesh says:

Well, the press on this issue doesn't look great for Google, but I can understand it. I think Google (and Netflix) got caught flat footed on this...I am thinking that Google SEVERELY underestimated how popular this device was going to be...and they probably paid for the number of promos based on their lower sales expectation. That being said, it sucks for those who didn't jump and buy one right away, but, being as the device is STILL an incredible value at $35, I don't think the lack of the promo will affect their sales.

Predator04 says:


Netflix Promotion No Longer Available
Please note that the Netflix promotional offer (which was available in limited supply) has now ended. Customers who ordered their Chromecast prior to 5:31 PM PST on July 24, 2013 will receive a Netflix gift code via email within 5 days of their product's ship date.

Ordered mine first thing on Wednesday. I have it in my hand, but still no NETFLIX code. I don't get it...

epifano83 says:

My wife just picked me one up from BestBuy in a Santa fe this afternoon and I did receive a code to activate my 3 months free of Netflix :-)

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ev99wutang says:

I picked up 2 at a Best Buy in Colorado as soon as they opened this morning. Received two Netflix promo codes via email before I even left the store.

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bworley50 says:

Someone pm me and I will forward you the email I got for activation of the 3 mos free. I don't need it.