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Chromecast now supports 64-character passwords


Common analysis is that Brady isn't enough this year with his dearth of his targets. It was a good joke and also common wisdom.

Don't you have a Photoshop image you need to clumsily manipulate with a touch interface?

If you have to say "It was a good joke" about your own joke... It wasn't.

Re: The Pats - And yet, they continue to win. 'Common analysis' forgets that before Brady put up gaudy numbers with the likes of Moss, Welker and Gronkowski, Brady won three Super Bowls with the rather uninspiring Troy Brown as his leading receiver. Common Analysis is often lacking in Common Sense, as highlighted by the consistent use of yards allowed to rank NFL defenses, when points are all that matters.

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I'm sure that whatever team Scott says he's a fan of is undefeated. I presume you've heard the good news this morning wyldemf?

Slowly but surely. Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Play Music and Play Movies right now. Works for our house keeping the cable/ Satalite company out.

Is there a way to use chromecast in a hotel on their WiFi yet? Due to the whole signing in and stuff

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No, unfortunately. I REALLY wish they'd try to address that, but it seems like it would require a complete overhaul of how the system connects, so I doubt we'll ever see it.

Tried it on a recent business trip and no go. All due to their two step verification process. Now, if they could get Chrome to Cast, it would probably work since you have to go to their website and click agree to their terms and conditions. Kind of a bummer. But works great in the house and bedroom.

This is so close to the support for more apps that I want. I hate the people who harp on the same thing over and over again but really Pandora was announced at the reveal at least tell me why it isn't supported yet.

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