Welcome to Day 2 of our inaugural Chromecast-a-day giveaway! If for some reason you've been living under a rock, Google's $35 high-def video/music/browser streamer became a nearly instant best-seller, so we're celebrating by giving away one a day for the rest of the week.

To get in on today's action, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. And be left-handed. And have at least four toes on your right foot. That's it. And perhaps have lived either in the Eastern or Western hemisphere sometime in the past 12 months. That should just about cover it.

Today's contest will run through midnight tonight, Pacific time. We'll pick a winner tomorrow morning and contact him or her by e-mail. (And we're getting ready to pick yesterday's winner, so stay tuned.)

Good luck!

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mordekhaimov says:

hey, i want one thanks!

encizor says:

Cheers for day 2.

Kilrah_il says:

I want one also!

scoutconnor says:

I'm left handed!

Davyes says:

Hey! I'm lefty too! Autowin! w00t!

pnune says:

I win!?

Chinedu oluo says:

I want one so I can dump the rom

matchqq says:

God bless you.

chayes627 says:


dougdula says:


gutt3 says:


Epedemic says:


Beatfreedom says:

Im in

Im in

Nuddle says:

one please

bog3nator says:

Bring on day 2!


MrShmuck says:

One more try, hooray!

Kennyl98 says:

No love on day one, maybe day two's the charm!

Qball1525 says:

Day 2 it is need some of the Google love

coolio526 says:

I want one :)

grhodes1 says:


Amit Yadav1 says:

I don't want one :)

Mista_J says:

Let's try this again!

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kbp08tls says:

I want one!

Madhan Sai says:

me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really want to try this out

teflaime says:

In for day 2

Melven says:

I'll take another stab at it.


Solace Kane says:


appmy says:


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I knew that being left-handed was great!

Two would be great, but i would be happy with one!

Seth Schorr says:

You can have the one after mine.

LordVader13 says:

Yes please. I would love one.

nemesis099 says:

You are not the only one and for the first time my wife is letting me buy something with the first version. But I can't find one at a store!!!

tony710 says:

I'd like one!

mmmike says:


dlafica says:

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Chromecast today .....

Timon Heilig says:

I want one

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gmen78 says:

1500+ comments! Wow...good luck everyone.

BT312 says:

The price is right. I want one.

scottee says:


bobng says:

If I win yesterdays give todays to someone else!

grcameron says:

I'm even left handed.

aliases says:

Fingers crossed.

jnrbshp says:

Toes as well ....

Feeling lucky in Kentucky

bigtank says:

That's due to the whiskey and fried chicken

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gpf2ez says:

Day 2!

jackbcohen2 says:

I would love one!

munawarm says:

I'm sure we all would. I know I would. Hopefully I'll win for once!

Ziga Radsel says:

LEt's try it for a second time... :)

xltbob says:

I'll take one!

jmcclung says:

I'll be happy to take one off your hands. Thanks!

I would like one too.

breedy231 says:

please and thank you!

jdavet says:

Yo quiero uno :)

ThaSik1 says:

Won't turn it down!

Flat Earth says:

Maybe this time?

gregisonfire says:

I want one too!

Xberry says:

Chrome chrome bo bom
banana fanna fo foam
me my mo moem

Count me in AC!

Jax Omen says:


Kilmurry says:

Google's best product ever...count me in!

tsipka says:

Lets try again!

clownberg says:

I want one

me too

irf13 says:

Please and thank you!

nolanliang says:

Let's try this again.

samnexus says:

Yes, indeed! Try, try again. :)

sweet, i'm totally left handed! sign me up! :)

cool465 says:

I'd love to grab one of these!

gslacks says:

Not only do i want a Chromecast but I am indeed left handed. I also just scooted in under your second criteria of having four toes on one's right foot. I've got 5, phew. I've lived in the western hemisphere for more than 40 years. Wow. Although, I've visited the east a number of times.

BlaxicaNNN says:

I wanna win! And im actually left handed too!

epps720 says:

Thanks Phil! I definitely need one of these

kcrazylegs says:

Attempt #2

kcrazylegs says:

Attempt #2

ddonahueiup says:

Yes please.

rickmla says:

Me too!

Micherooo says:

Yes please

lothaen says:

I want one too!

Guoxin Li says:

I want one too

micgray says:

I never win, time to break the streak!

fredbob3 says:

I want one!

DonSeb says:

I want one

ATLJC says:

Me too! Be nice to win something at some time!!

chamchad says:


dammitcubs says:

I agree. I would want one as well...thanks!!! Go Android!!!

jwmraz says:

Comment. Thanks!

henrique.c says:

I would really love to get a chromecast for me.

stockguy says:

How come I never win these contests...

warrenf says:

Help me stamp out xfinity

want one also

asussex says:

Please pick me!

sebarton69 says:

I'd like one also!

alexsweeta says:

philll i would love one!

I'd love one too!

Yes please!

slinkeril says:

Have mine on back order... ordered it 30 minutes too late for the Netflix promo.. so i would love to have one sooner and with the promo!!! woohooo !!

swiftf0x says:

Definitely would love one.

johnnyn says:

Love to have one!

please and thanks

vancouverp says:

I'd like one!

YaSo says:

Joy for having a left hand!

Incrediboy says:

I want one, but to be honest I am not left handed.

pullenadam says:

Pick me. I live in Canada and they're not available here

Dan G1 says:

Sorry if this is a dupe post bit a 2nd would be nice!

Quiero uno. Saludos desde Honduras.

la0t0n says:

I want one

Blaskey says:

I can be left handed for this. I'm typing with my left hand

ShanMan says:

This will be great to win.

I would love to own one, please pick me

and me please

stantonian says:


jrush78 says:

Yes please I would like to win one of these.

yahoowizard says:

One here

krzn65 says:


JoshB334 says:

Are there any chances to win!?

stuartrace says:

I would like to be a left-handed winner too please :)

sam p1 says:

Hey, i live somewhere

newboyx says:

Day 2! Thanks AC!

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benhmadison says:

Would love to have one!

Craig King says:

Count me in

rswain64 says:

Hope day 2 is my lucky day. Count me in!

dcastillo says:

Let's try again :-)

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ExtremeNerd says:

Lefties are legit. Thanks guys!

zizu101 says:

And they have a right brain too!

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icyrock1 says:

For once, being left-handed has it's advantages.

srfox says:

Hey, one for me please! :)

DesertVelo says:

Come to Papa!

evillive says:

Count me in

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Pick me!!

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wlhnlh says:

Plug me in...

JonasBH says:


etp_rapgaroo says:

i need one plz... =) hehe

los318 says:

Please! I'll take one.

poolis says:


stephenju says:

Who won the first one?

ProfMike says:

Only left-handed people are in their right minds.

1ll1TERAT3 says:

I want one so badly :)

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angelus788 says:

Hey Phil, please let me have one!!!

daydesign says:

It might just be me that wins!

sethoscope1 says:


Michfan4837 says:

I am left handed, just double checked, and I also meet the minimum number of toes criteria and the western hemisphere is my main place of residence, so I should be good.

lordsith2k4 says:

Hope I win...

sfringer says:

Would love one (never won, never won)

ar_garza says:

Hi there.

fastamx79 says:

Winning once of these would make this crappy month so much better!

mlacla22 says:

Oh yeah!

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smithy1983uk says:

I would like a chance to have a chromecast thanx

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Count me in. Love the site

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msgreenf says:

please and thank you!

Whitepawn34 says:


d11dog11 says:

Yes please. V. 2

brunodmjr says:

:D International Giveaway?

poolman756 says:

Crap...I'm not left handed :(. But my mom is...does that count? I'll submit and hope :).

deercreek says:

I like toys.

mulasien says:

Pick meeee!

franrich says:

Well since I dont have a smart tv I'll take on please.

Azholio says:

LAWDY! I loves me some Chromecast!

NHLou says:

I'm in.

lprzybylski says:

I'll take one

teckels says:


nelsencd says:

I'll take this one.


Sign me up please ... Android Central kid the best!!!!

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gwangi says:

Does ambidextrous count? :)

pudgewack says:

Fingers crossed!

RamV says:

I would love to hav the one!

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ekimpadd says:

Count me in again! :)

Nobody Else says:

Thanks again.

xjubeix says:

Finally a contest for southpaws! Living in Righty's world is tough enough. Thanks for running the contest, and I'm stoked for the Chromecast!

moljinor says:

Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

jbizzlefosho says:

Keep'm coming!

cloud12077 says:

Pick me!

STiK says:

I already have one... Don't send me one!!! BTW... Love this device :)

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Hope I can win ha

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Rule9 says:

yes plz!

bawboh86 says:

Can I just pretend to be left handed? :D

aalin13 says:

I want one! I'd love to get one before there are available here in Australia :D

seanlongoria says:

Pick me just once this week, please.

arcadelion says:

I want one!!!!

usamaahmad says:

Would love to win one!

PimHaerkens says:

Let's try this again :)

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Duskycub says:

I could use one

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vlad514 says:

I want one, please

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satanberry says:

Let's try again

TWISM says:

Pick me my lord!

mlr_90 says:

I'll take one ;-)

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kameleon says:

Lefties are smarter. :)

con5150 says:

I would love to win

jddunkley says:

Yeah, day 2! Second chance, COME ON LUCK! Gimme a Chromecast!

teejay69 says:

I'm willing to give one a home!

chekyo4 says:

Pick Me!

pdl2mtl90 says:

This thing is so awesome...picking up a couple if I don't win one here!

iCurtisG says:

Count me in

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JJ Jones says:

Could I win this time please?

Quikstep says:

Inigo Montoya: I admit it, you are better than I am.
Man in Black: Then why are you smiling?
Inigo Montoya: Because I know something you don't know.
Man in Black: And what is that?
Inigo Montoya: I... am not left-handed.

Man in Black: You are amazing.
Inigo Montoya: I ought to be, after 20 years.
Man in Black: Oh, there's something I ought to tell you.
Inigo Montoya: Tell me.
Man in Black: I'm not left-handed either.

Funkpod says:

Great scene!

Subsailor07 says:

Maybe today?

killer says:

Yes please!

bhoedl says:

I love new gadgets. Bring it on!

jcarlm says:

I'm in!


Pick me :D

raymoore says:

Trying again. :)

Merschz says:


dabaum says:

Another day, another chance.

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hynden says:

Hello :D

altared90319 says:

This is my comment for winning.

rbernard80 says:

Yes, please.

dwd3885 says:

Let's go!

Thanks guys for giving these away. Y'all are awesome.

anoesis says:

well I have 5 toes, and i'm really left handed - we're in our right minds you know! So let see what day two brings!

Melladon says:

Yes please.

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Kylecore says:

Oh please oh please let me win

pytneri says:

Cast me the chrome!

MSNardi84 says:

This would be an awesome addition to my home theater!!!

Al Scoggins says:

I'll keep trying!

rjm80 says:

Seems reasonable to try to win one since we finally got another HDTV.

Bkos17 says:

This is my entry. Pick this one.

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ryanfoley613 says:

i wannaaa winnnnn

MIKEFD345 says:

I got my fingers crossed

vudude says:


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zippox180 says:

Awesome I'll take one :)

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CBMem says:

Sounds good. Thanks.

DaGODFather says:


mjmellin says:

Chromecast looks cool!!! I want one!!

fareal says:

Free cast is best cast!

Me please. Thanks ever so much.

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chefjayhawk says:

Would love to add this to our Google/Android/Chrome ecosphere here at home!

damartin1 says:

Day 2 bring it on!

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Valerij says:


G-Money713 says:

Left handed? Where did that come from?

macrowder says:

Hope I win! Thanks!

othercents says:

I must have it....

Stig Nygaard says:

It will be most fair if I get it :-)

inclino says:

One to go please :p

hodan says:


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kadield says:


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MarqBland says:

Pick me!

I'm in.

bradleynj219 says:

Hey guys, I just so happen to be left handed and also meet all the other criteria. It would be an honor to receive such a reward!

WaveRunnr says:

Hey Phil! Win or not, I enjoy your site! I converted from iPhone when I bought a Nexus 4 and I can't see myself ever going back to iOS. Keep up the great work!

CrazySlot says:

Still sad that I can't get one in Europe.
Hope that Day 2 will be my lucky day.

Ruchelli says:

Me me me...........

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GareyW says:

The Final Solution!

gmurphy0487 says:

I guess I'm out. Not a leftie...

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Snowman81 says:

Day two baby! lol

Lennyuk says:

I have to win one of these eventually....... right?

Jerry Bolton says:

Plzplzplzplz. :)

Would love a Chromecast!

buck101 says:

I'm Left handed!

kcoan3 says:

Me me me! I really want one!

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BB_Bmore says:

I am in it to win it!

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

Yes please!

sensory says:

I'd love a Chromecast!

chrisjdroidx says:

i need one

Walter Smith says:

Hey I actually am left handed, and though I have 5 toes on both of my feet I would appreciate if you didn't hold that against me. Ok thanks.

vivitar says:

Count me in!

seoul75 says:

Me! Me!

gentatsuu says:


belogical says:


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daddyscooltv says:

Please let me win one please!!!!!

David Balm says:

Round 2

uchinan says:

Need a second one, im in. =)

I'm left handed! Pick me!

Good luck to all!

abatt84 says:

Second chance Sunday oh hang on its Monday!

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joel.24 says:

A chromecast would be a nice addition

pusw says:

Count me in too please!

drauks says:

Would love one of these!

rufree2talk says:

smart my TV please! oh and thanks btw!

KBEscalona says:

I would love to own one!!

rfcunnin says:

It would be nice to finally be able to play music from my One on my home theater system!

TopOfThe18 says:

And that's why today doesn't suck.

assib says:

P L E A S E !!!
I really like it.

RickS29 says:

hey there awesome site is this i want to win this haha i'm a gadget freak. ;P

asmodeus5 says:

Lefties are always right...

cozzy123 says:

Kaw KAw!

That's my contest warcry of awesome!

zoyano says:

Yes please!

tsingersf says:

Pls pls pls ..

johnboy33 says:

Yes please.

cdonehew says:

I'll take another shot at winning one. Thanks again for the opportunity.

cardineujay says:

Let's do this!

johnnycake8 says:


avail1236 says:

i canceled my order when the netflix promo ended but I still really want one!

Great! Count me in!

corrifa says:


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Paul Roch says:

I would like one of these. Seems pretty cool.

m71reid says:

I want one.

Eldwafio says:

Day 2 and here's my name in again... fingers crossed :D

grnmachine23 says:

I'm in it to win it, come on AC don't let me down!!!!!!!!!!

YeOj says:

Hook me up with a Chromecast please!

tanistlin says:

Would love to have one! This is "the thing" I'd been waiting for :)

Neeeeeeeed. NEEEEEEED :D

Pick me!

TechZOnline says:

Me me me! Yes, I'll take one thanks. :-)

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Westfire says:

I am really left-handed too! Yes!

NastyNeil says:

I'd love to have a Dongle to play with when I travel. Ha

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annsonn says:

*fingers crossed*

pOOBAH says:

Works on PAL?

justflorin says:

one hundred and forty eigth-st!!!