Whoopsie. Someone kinda got distracted by all this Moto X stuff and forgot to post Thursday's contest. My fault. So let's double up on Friday and give away two more Chromecasts!

Just leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down at midnight PST and pick a couple winners soon thereafter.

Only one more to go after this. Now, what to do with these new Nexus 7s and a bunch of NVIDIA Shields? To be continued ...


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Chromecast-a-Day: Let's double up for Friday



Count me in of course. You guys are awesome! First site I check for all my android news. Thanks AC!

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I'd rather have one of these than a Nvidia Shield tbh. Not to say I won't enter that competition ;-)

wow, you are going to continue this Chromecast giveaway with a Nexus 7 giveaway and a Shield giveaway. You are seriously crazy... and I like it.

Pick me! Pick me! This will bring me one step closer to a full android/chrome house mwuahahaha!

I'm also willing to take a nexus 7 or nvidia shield for my birthday.

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I was wondering what happened to the giveaway yesterday... But quite understandable! Thanks!

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Well since I never win anything on these things MAYBE, just maybe I get it this time...I would love it!

Yeah friday would definitely be complete if I actually won the chromecast been wanting one of those

I would like the opportunity to win please.... Thanks A/C

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Want to get this Chromecast from Android Central centralized in the center hdmi of my tv which is in the center of my living room.

Well, obviously I deserve one of these. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Pick me, Pick Me.. Make my fear from elementary school of never being picked go away.


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A double pleasure is waiting for you....

Sorry - Double mint commercial. Funny where the mind goes...

I would really like one of these..

Phil, Im new to Android having just left the iPhone world behind and I'm liking what Im seeing thanks to you and your staff and readers for educating me as i go.. I would love to start my venture on your site by winning a Chromecast.

Indeed, I do badly would like to have one that I am breaking out and making a post, you guys are awesome, keep doing all you do.

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If I were to win a Chromecast, I would use it to do good in the world. Like helping old ladies across the street and getting rid of world hunger.

Don't really need two but one,JUST ONE,would be great!!!

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Please pick me because I am way too lazy to order one online.

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I will love t have a chromecast. We have no cable and I'd be able to use it to stream shows for my kids

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I think this is awesome, My Kids would get a kick out of one of these!!! heres to good luck for me today!!!

I need this so bad. My tablet is all the way across the room! Lol

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Another chance. Another lose. (Most likely) thanks for all the contests

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**** We can't get it in Canada yet, PLEEEEEAAASE HOOKED ME UP WITH ONE PLEEEEEAAASE. I'll pay for shipping if I have to just send me one Phil, I'll owe you one lol. Thanks ****

Gimmegimmegimme! Thanks for the opportunity to win! o:)

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I have tried bribery...Today I am just going to say, "Good Luck everyone!" I have this feeling I'll be buying mine.

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