Whoopsie. Someone kinda got distracted by all this Moto X stuff and forgot to post Thursday's contest. My fault. So let's double up on Friday and give away two more Chromecasts!

Just leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down at midnight PST and pick a couple winners soon thereafter.

Only one more to go after this. Now, what to do with these new Nexus 7s and a bunch of NVIDIA Shields? To be continued ...


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Chromecast-a-Day: Let's double up for Friday


Nice contest. You can put me down for the nexus 7 and the shield also :-)

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i would love to get one of these i've been looking everywhere and i can't find it i would love to have it Fingers crossed again!

I'm getting married today. How 'bout an awesome wedding gift, AC?

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I just want this f*cking device! for more information look at my profile. :)

Hey guys, i need one for my daughters birthday. She won't quit pestering me and its sold out everywhere. Please!

That's okay, Phil, I've been distracted myself and didn't even notice you messed up! :D

A mushroom walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a drink. Bartender says, "we don't serve your kind in here." The mushroom says, "why not? I'm a fungi!"

And since it's a two-fer today, you get another joke!

Two muffins are in the oven baking. One goes to the other, "man, it's getting hot in here, huh?" The other muffin responds "holy crap!! A talking muffin!"

My ceiling just caved in so it would be nice to chromecast a repair video from youtube to my tv so I can fix it

I'm glad that you guys are doubling down since that increases my chances of winning. :-)

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I grow sadder everyday I don't see an email from you. I think tonight is the night. #feelinglucky

Is there any way that I can win both of these today? ;) That would take care of all my Chromecast needs....

Please, begging now, we need a Chromecast down in Australia. Best Buy has them in stock but won't sell them to us if we use freight forwarders. We need this in Australia so we can start loaning it to devs to implement Chromecast in their apps.

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To be a winner, or not to be a winner; I'll take the former over the latter. :)

Please pick me! Would love the chance to play around with one of these, they're not being sold in Canada yet :(

Hey hey! You guys really are too nice to us. Thank you.

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I really hope I win this!
If not... well, I guess they're not THAT expensive.

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Have nothing won before. Great if I can get picked for one of these cool things.

Ooh, pick me! Pick me! I love that AC does so many giveaways. Maybe one of these days I'll actually win one!

OK I'm not the kind of person to beg but I'm an absolute android nut, I own every single nexus device to date and it is killing me that I can't buy chromecast in the UK at the moment.

Needless to say, this would be VERY much appreciated.
Keep up the great work guys! :-)

I'd love to win a Chromecast. I missed out on the Nexus Q..

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Google should just garnish my wages every week. Seems they are always getting my money somehow. Except today! The next winner of a chromecast! :)

I don't know how you pick our comments or whether you read them, but education is a good end for one of these little dongles! I will even update how this is used in the classroom. But of course it is small and portable enough to take home! :-)

Great idea Hdgh!! I thought about this as well. The teacher could use a television or hdmi projector to stream web pages or Google Docs. Also, students could easily share their projects from Google Docs or a discussion about a youtube video from a mobile device or computer. In addition, there it needs to have access to the internet for the device to work. Will networking security prevent the device from accessing the internet? Also, once the Googlecast is on the network anybody could have access to the device and possibly disrupt the learning environment. Hmmmm.. Things to think about.

The Chromecast would make a great gift. For any person. Hopefully I can buy one soon or maybe I can win one from AndriodCentral. WWwwweeeee!!!!

A chance at one of two today? Sure, I'll take those odds. Posting this on my Nexus 7 just in case it'll bring me some luck.

2 shots in one post. Not bad! Even if I lose here, I will not be as disappointed as I was from the Moto X launch.

Thank you very much for this giveaway!

I don't even care about the free netflix, I just want one so I can hook the TV in the bedroom up with it.

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