This is it, folks. The final offering from our weeklong "Chromecast-a-day" contest. We've given away a half-dozen already, and today rounds it out.

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. That's it. We'll pick from entries through midnight PST tonight. We've got a little catching up to do, so stay tuned for a week's worth of winners.

Good luck!


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Chromecast-a-day: The final dongle


Not...the final dongle? You'll be dongle-less. You'll be suffering dongle-less-ness. If I win I'll be dongle-less-ness-less.

Wow this would be cool. My uncl is in University of Penn hospital and the tv there stinks. internet is good though so he could watch Netflix.

fingers crossed! been to 3 best buys and struck out.

This would be a great addition to the TV in the lounge! Its design is exactly what I want to be able to do... ;-)

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I would really love one these. Truly change the way I watch tv and use all my devices. Pick me please!

i guess that kickstarter dongle from a few months ago gave them the idea to just into the market.

Ah finally I'm getting mine since 7 is my lucky number!

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This is to notify you that I am the legally authorized recipient of your last Chromecast! :)

Thanks for the give-aways. Would love a chromecast before they are available in Canada.

Oh, so little time, so few chromecasts left... Please, please, please, please! :)

Hope I win this. It looks so awesome. So much better than my medialink.

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Maybe I will eventually win something from AC. This would be a great item to start.

A chromecast a day helps keep sadness away, oh won't you please give me one today?

One of theses days I'll win gotta keep trying and hoping. Do love that AC is so generous with all these give aways

Don't worry about entering the contest everyone, I got this one

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I think post new comment should be at the top of the comments section and the bottom or something. Idk. Anyway, please consider me. Me love you long time. (well... kinda)

Last chance. I need another one for my bedroom!

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Can I beg now? My kid got his. It's leaving with him. I need one too! Please?

hello my TV asked me to send it videos from my phone and tablet.... Sadly i had to explain to it that its just not smart enough to pull that off... Make my TV happy please... She's all I got ;'(

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I need a Chromecast this is life changing so please pick me

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Love your giveaways... Never win but maybe some day..

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Today has been a good day. Only thing that could make it better would be chromecast

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If you only knew how much I want a Chromecast, it would make a great birthday present, mine is on the 6th of August.

Chromecast, chromecast, chromecast, chromecast, chromecast, chromecast, chromecast...


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