OK, boys and girls. We're in the home stretch now. Just four Chromecasts remaining on our desk, and one of them can be yours today.

We're declaring this "No-hoop Hump Day." To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. We'll collect 'em through midnight PDT (anything after that won't count) and pick a winner in the morning.

And congrats to the winners of the first two days —  Ben in Utah and Ray in Houston! Your Chromecasts are on their way!


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Chromecast-a-day: And then there were four



The odds of winning one are extremely low, but hope is what makes me keep commenting :D

The easiest contests on the internet! Thanks, AC, for keeping it hoopless and real!

Das humper, da da da, da da da da da da da da da..., da da da, da da da da da da da da da...das humper

No hoops? But hula hoop, hula hoops, earring hoops, spaghetti hoops. There's all kinds of hoops. Maybe give hoops a chance. Maybe hoops will surprise you with their ability to love you, despite the obvious differences in music choice between the two of you.

Here's to hopping I can win one, even though I know I will never get picked to win.

Do we have to leave a comment everyday? Really hope I get one.

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I'm hoping I can win this amazing device. It's the Nexus Q on steroids mixed with Atkins diet.

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I probably don't even need to post here since I'm sure my name will be picked as yesterday's winner.

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Just got the new Nexus 7 the Chromecast would be a great companion to my new toy. Just hope my Nexus 7 doesn't feel slighted.

All this hoopla over Chromecast has me jumping through hoops to get my hands on one. I would be whooping for joy if I won a Chromecast.

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Can I just say those shoes make your eyes really a very scholarly person like yourself would complement me and back and forth until you graciously offer me one of the remaining chromecast. And myself being a very polite person say thank you.

Different day, same story, can still cancel my Amazon order if you pick me!

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This thing is getting real now with Koush preparing release of Phone to Chromecast... I NEED A CHROMECAST! :-D

Still waiting to be called a winner! Drove 45 minutes for a hope of one at best buy and no luck! Waste of time and gas.

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Since Verizon is leaving us hanging on the HTC ONE how about sending me a Chromecast to hold me over!!!!!

Just heard this may be getting HBO Go soon. That would be awesome. No more XBL streaming.

4th day.... 4th chance to win. Chromecasts are being handed out and i can't win one yet! This is turning a disaster. Please turn me a winner AC.

so the number of ChromeCast's are slowly dwindling...Are my chances going up? I sure hope so. I can't wait to hear that I've won!

mike, mike, mike, mike, mike...... guess what day it is?!?! HUMP DAYYYYYY YEAH YEAH!!!!!!

Love you long time!!


Android Central I am on your site 5-10 times a day. I LOVE my android and everything Google. Please give me the chance to win this chromecast!!!! Thanks! Adam

Could use this to prove how cool this is to a friend....he can be weak at times...smh

What's the point? Its funny how we're all trying to win this $35 gadget. Just goes to show that winning free shit is awesome! !!!

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Quick! Pick me while no one is looking. I promise I won't tell anyone...I promise.

brain is too tired to think of something amusing to say today. I think a chromecast would definitely wake it up though.

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