OK, folks. If you've got a Chromecast but have had issues getting it to connect to certain devices, it's time to update your Chromecast app. Google's put forth some new code that should fix some discoverability problems.

Looking through our ever-busy Chromecast forums, it looks like this should help out a few folks. Have at it.

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antk90 says:

I can now connect with my Razr maxx. Now, they just have to insane google music and movies and I'll be all set.

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antk90 says:

*update. Don't know where insane came from.

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return_0 says:

Yay autocorrect! :D

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Adamsville says:

whats the process of updating a Chromecast like? Amazon hasnt shipped mines yet

a3uge says:

It just comes and updates. My last update came after just turning on the TV.

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ben7798 says:

If you just leave it plugged in, they automatically update as soon as you turn it on it will install any new updates that Google sent out.

LaMarcus says:

Isn't this just an update for the app in the play store?

phor11 says:

Yea, I was under the impression it wasn't an update for the chromecast, but for the chromecast app you install on your phone/tablet/laptop in order to set up the device for the first time.

adamboy83 says:

Depends on when you ordered it. Everything after August 7th won't ship till October. I ordered mine on July 25th and didn't get it to August 14th.

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Kic360 says:

Waiting on mine from the Google Play Store.

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rgf42 says:

Should be quick. I just got a notification from Amazon that mie should be here 8-19-2013. Already in Kentucky.

fort says:

How do you update it?

mcgowan398 says:

It will probably be done OTA with no task from the user like the last one.


fchowd0311 says:

When is the update coming to fix stock of device?

Droid Bionic still can only cast YouTube. Thank god for nexus 10 :D

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Tommy3141 says:

Got the Chromecast app update for my Bionic last night. And immediately it found the Chromecast, just like my N7 did before. All set now. Thanks Google/Chromecast for fixing it!

tatas#AC says:

Your Bionic now can cast Google Play Music/Movies/TV and Netflix? I got the update and my Bionic now recognizes my Chromecast, but it still will not cast Google Play Music/Movies/TV and Netflix. It will only cast Youtube.

Same here. My Droid Bionic now recognizes Chromecast, but the CC play button only appears in Youtube....not Netflix. Kind of lame that it doesn't work on a Android operating system made by Google.

sharatg says:

I have resolved a lot of issues following this link