Chrome Beta

Google's Beta channel of Chrome on Android has just received another update, this time fixing nasty crashes and adding a few more features. First, issues with text selection handles being placed in the wrong location have been fixed. Next, several "frequently occurring crashes" have been fixed. You're now able to log in to the LinkedIn desktop site, which could be an important fix. On the feature side, the ability to tilt the phone to scroll now works in tab switching mode, so if you like to keep lots of tabs open it should be easier to navigate through them if you choose this option.

There are still many notable bugs -- it is Beta after all -- such as text entry problems with Swype, popup issues and text formatting abnormalities. For this reason, at this point Chrome Beta isn't available for download by searching in the Play Store, so you'll have to install it from the Play Store link at the top of this post. You can also check out the full changelog at the source link below.

Source: Chrome Releases


Reader comments

Chrome Beta update fixes crashes, adds tilt scrolling when switching tabs


now that chrome 25 for pc is released this change will be released to chrome for android any time soon. cant wait.

They need to install flash like the Desktop version of Chrome with Flash already built into it. Flash was a major option to have and a great feature of Android. Who knows what's going to happen with flash on Keylime for those still using it on JB

Flash for mobile is dead. Maybe not completely dead, but its in the ICU and Adobe has pulled life support. If you need Flash, use the default AOSP browser or another browser that supports it.

Chrome beta still needs a lot of polishing. Even on my SGS3, scrolling up/down web pages lags like molasses in the middle of winter. Interestingly, the non-beta Chrome does not have this issue.

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