Google Chrome

New version will roll out to users over the next few days

Google has updated the Chrome browser for Android today, bringing the version number up to 33.0.1750.132. Along with the usual performance and stability tweaks, there are several changes highlighted by the Chrome team.

  • Download progress notification for file downloads using the Chrome network stack
  • Updated help and feedback UI
  • Support for <datalist> tag

The new help and feedback UI is a simple modification that opens the help center in its own view, with its own action bar. The functionality is the same, just with a new look.

The new version will follow the usual Google #trollout, and all users should expect to have it within the next few days. Try your luck by using the Google Play link above.

Source: Google

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SpookDroid says:

Support for... what? :S

Glenuendo says:

Yeah. My thoughts exactly.

estockda says:

"Littering and.... littering and...."

miles_prower says:

This ^

New software for the site is having issue with displaying <datalist> as text ... working on it :)

JoeShmoe says:

Try typing it as &lt;datalist&gt; that should work

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+1 to you, good sir. 

djstarion says:

I just got this update today actually, which is shocking considering I usually get shafted when it comes to Google's rollout

miles_prower says:

Me too. I got my update before I read this article. I usually get Google's app updates like a week after rollout starts.

bjn714 says:

It had been waiting since yesterday in the Play Store for me. Just didn't update it right away. There is an update notification in Chrome now that I have not seen before. It was quite annoying in fact.

Omar Diaz says:

Support for what exactly? How about give us faster updates!!

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keith2k1 says:

YES! Comment #6

Dizfunctions says:

Already got the update! I have an LG g2 from T-Mobile

mathiasjk says:

Why no transparent soft keys?!

I got it and it seems to be smoother.

rserda says:

Just received this update on my N5 and N7 2013 about an hour ago.. nice! s well as the GNL update.. very nice!! :)

KarenCVT says:

I have been using the AOSP browser. Haven't missed Chrome one bit.

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still1 says:

AOSP has been abandoned so you are pretty much using an old browser

KarenCVT says:

Can you recommend a better one? I guess I like the simpleness of AOSP.

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I'm currently using Tint Browser and its very light but feature-packed. Naked Browser is also good if you don't mind its UI.

W1zz says:

Try the Dolphin Browser as well

ACADM says:

You could also try Opera browser .

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luqman24 says:

Did they finally fix that annoying issue where pictures don't appear in the gallery app when you download using chrome?

P.S I'm not able to sign into my google account on Chrome after updating. LG G2 on Rogers btw.

rlbrooks says:

Same thing happened with my account on my Sprint LG G2. I went into Chrome settings, deactivated my account, and then signed back in. It seems to have fixed the annoying "can't sign in..." pop-ups.

codehut says:

Nice. My favourite browser!

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njwill323 says:

what case is that on the note pictured?

Jaingo5150 says:

How about just fix the random crashes that plague it? That would be novel. Only reason I keep going back to chrome is the saved browsing across multiple devices. That service works better than any other I've tried.

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K White1 says:

Chrome started crashing on my phone this week, but it worked great before. On my laptop it's a totally different story, though. Anyway, I hope this update fixes things. The crashing didn't happen often enough for me to notice so soon after updating, but so far so good.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

It must have been a huge dump, 'cause it took forever to download via LTE with a strong signal.

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