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Chrome Beta for Android has received a mystery update over in the Android Market, updating the mobile version of Google's browser to version 0.16. There's nothing in the changelog to indicate what's new in this version, but we've noticed no new features, so we can assume it's just the usual mix of bug fixes and performance tweaks.

However, if you're using CyanogenMod 9, or another ICS-based custom ROM, you may want to hold off updating, as there are reports in the Market comments section of this new version breaking things for those on using custom firmware. If you're running a custom ROM and still want to update, we recommend backing up your current version of Chrome before proceeding. Hopefully Google will be able to issue a fix for those affected before too long.

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ibejack96 says:

does anybody know about android revolution hd?

iJohnny says:

It's working on ARHD 6.3.0.
Starting much faster, and much faster in all aspects.

gujupmp88 says:

As far as I know, it will work with any Galaxy Nexus ROM and any official ICS ROM. I believe it also works on CM9 for the Galaxy Nexus.

What happens is it breaks ROMs on devices that have not gotten ICS officially. So pretty much every phone that doesn't have "Nexus" in its name

Masheen says:

Anyone know which roms are affected? Running AOKP M3 here.

mattyb1085 says:

Running just fine on AOKP #25, so you should be fine.

aaronwe says:

Running just fine on a Captivate with ICSSGS.

randyw says:

Quit working on my Inspire running aospX ICS ROM. It worked fine before but the update killed it and Market will not let me download it anymore. Says not comparable with my phone.

keith2k1 says:

That QR is not working

bigcatman says:

Update didn't break on AOKP B25.

mattyb1085 says:

Were we allowed to view sites in desktop view before the update? I can't remember. Either way we can now, and alot of them open in desktop view by default.

madcrabs says:

We were "allowed to" but unlike the stock browser there isn't (and wasn't) an option to request desktop site.

mattyb1085 says:

Oh, thanks for clarifying. I only use my browser for reading search results, so it's not a big deal for me either way.

slopokdave says:

Like the majority, AOKP here and working fine. :D

Zapote21 says:

Gummy 0.7.6 here and all is well

kev0153 says:

I'm using Eagle Blood Build 1 on my G2X and it is broken

renzi555 says:

I'm running the first CM9 Nightly build on the GNex and the update is running fine for me...

madcrabs says:

Appears to be running fine on Bugless Beast.

coffmad says:

link to my review, think it speaks for itself really, see it all the time on the market and it saddens me that developers get put down for this sort of thing

Corbo628 says:

Alls well on Codename

1bbcd5 says:

Keep old vision, working fine.

Zapote21 says:

So it appears to be broken for phones running ICS custom ROMs that do not currently have ICS...

coffmad says:

exactly indeed, all of which are still in alpha/beta status, i wish all these people would stop being such flashing NOOBS and understand that its THEIR device causing the problem, the unofficial software THEY put on their phones that causes the it to not work, and not the fault of google or any other developer, sorry, just really riles on me, i hvae a galaxy s2 and a touchpad on ICS and i KNOW there's gonna be problems with them in some places, but i dont bitch and blame to the developers for it

mattyb1085 says:

I didn't realize how many tards were giving it bad ratings on the market until I just checked it out. I wish we could rate the users leaving the ratings. You get 1 star if your a noob so your comment doesn't carry as much weight, and developers get 5 stars and their comments carry a little more punch.

coffmad says:

that sir, is a fantastic idea, would atleast make it easier to sift through most of the noobish crap alot of people leave

commonplace says:

And if you're one of those who doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're", do you get only one star, too? I hope so!

At any rate, it's broken on my TouchPad (running CM9), and there's no reason for that. Every other app respects what the tablet reports, which is that it's running Android 4.0.3 -- which it IS. How can Google's own app not recognize or honor that?

Sorry, I don't give Google a pass on this one.


moonzilla says:

broke it on mine as well, so i uninstalled, and installed again (new version, through the market). all seems good again.

nmyeti says:

Did you do anything else other than uninstall and re-install? i tried this with no luck.

coffmad says:

Just have to keep in mind that yes, the Touchpad it running ICS 4.0.3, but that's in the alpha phase right now, and the Chrome mobile browser itself is in the beta phase still, Google only intended for this to be ran on a very select few devices with official ICS released on them and the Gnexus, Nexus s, Transformer Prime (and as of recent the original Transformer) and Xoom are the only ones that have that atm (to my knowledge at least) anything and everything else is subject to compatibility issues, if brought on by an update or whatever, Im sure they will rectify it, or a work around will be found by someone, just for know though, just saying to people don't mouth off on the app and down-rate it because your device is most likely not complete, and the app itself is still being worked on

Maybe Google should finish ICS and release it finally, so all these "flashing NOOBS" don't have to flash unofficial software.

coffmad says:

Google has finished ICS, and it has been released for about 4 months now, just waiting on the manufacturers to put it onto our devices, unfortunately the HP Touchpad wont ever get an official ICS update, due to it never running android to begin with, but i am looking forward to the final release for my Galaxy s2, the latest leak for it is near perfect

racinwarrior says:

negative ghost rider....

rezound running clean ROM 3.0 ICS and the update is working fine for me

aaronwe says:

Not all of them. I just installed on a Captivate running ICSSGS and it's fine.

So, for some reason my chrome beta no longer sync's my bookmarks. Interesting

jdm4u says:

What about for the Nexus S 4G? No official OTA but has custom roms available built from the source.

bizzie01 says:

Work on Nexus S with CM9 Nightly 1.

DerekMorr says:

The new update seems more responsive on my Xoom (running stock ICS). The first Chrome build would ANR regularly when loading multiple background tabs. This new build hasn't ANR'ed yet.

Tibedabeeto says:

The update fixed the app crashing when using the tabs menu. BTW on Epic Touch FB21 leak.

keithsmith22 says:

Working fine for me on Pete's BB latest nightly.

griftercm says:

It's true!. The update works fine on my GNex running codeworkx's CM9 and my newly updated Asus Transformer, but it's broken on my Captivate running teamhacksung's CM9.

maxomin says:

Codename Android 1.4.0

No issues. Running even better than before.

Flip says:

runnin black ice on my gnex and it still working good, no issues