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So we're less than a week out from the launch of Google Currents, the Flipboard/Pulse competitor that presents your favorite websites in an easy-to-read magazine-type format. And we were lucky to get in on the ground floor. Question was, would anybody be using it?

I posed the question to ol' CrackBerry Kevin. "How many subscribers do you think we have?" I asked. "Oh, I dunno," he said. "Maybe 4,000."

Try 80,000, Mr. Michaluk, according to the tally in the app. That's 80,000 and counting. We'll all have to see how much of an effect Currents has on our analytics before declaring it a success, of course. Subscribers are one thing. (Scratch that, they're 80,000 very awesome things.) But we've still got to see how much everybody's using Currents to actually read content.

So for now, be sure to subscribe. Be sure to read. And be sure to tell your friends. Hit up the link below to subscribe.

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Checking in on Google Currents - 80,000 subscribed to AC


I've been trying to use it, I think once I get a tablet (or Nexus) with a bigger screen I might use it more. I like Currents though.

On my Evo 3d and my Kindle Fire. I'll have it on my Transformer Prime IF Asus ever releases them....mumble,grumble,rrrrrrrr ~

If AC is the only source of news that you read, probably not much reason. However, if (like most people) you read news from multiple sources, then an app like Currents really shines.

Is there anyway to stop a site's headlines from appearing on the home screen once I've removed them from my subscriptions? If not, Currents is going to be dropped in the river and I'll just continue to use the Ezine feature in Dolphin.

Make sure you remove the subscriptions you have in the Trending tab as well if you're still seeing headlines you're not interested in.

syncing was way behind for the first several days with all editions I looked at. Today AC seems to be closer to current on Currents. If it will keep current when I sync, I'll use it. Like I said, it was better today, but I am sticking with pulse until it stays consistent.

Yea I subscribed, but just like the Android App, does it update immediately? I tend to just check this site throughout the day. Same thing goes for most of the other sites as well. Am I wrong in thinking that the website will be the first to be updated or am I really out of date?

Like it bunches, yes it is a little slow sync wise, but it does work and actually very well.

Big problem though, keeps loading pages for content I've already deleted. Didn't like that content the first time and probably sponsored content that simply won't go away till Google says so. Sorli...

love the way it looks. but i use google reader about 15 times a day. and i subscribe to all my feeds there. so i haven't found a way to not display stuff i've already read.

so they should just make google reader look like currents.

Lol. Nice post Phil. Way to throw me under a  bus driven by an Android :)

Now if only I could download it in Canada onto my iPad I could add to the count...

Currents seems to be behind the website even after syncing. Not much use to me if Currents is not current. I may need to go back to Pulse.

Now what could you hate about an open minded long sighted blog like GizMacDo? That in no way "prunes" comments that they do not agree with.

Which in all honesty, is sad because they have a few some good writers there.

Does anyone else have trouble getting Currents to sync, I set it for every 6 hours and try to update it manually and it just takes forever if at all and it never has the up to date posts. (And yes I have it set to 3G, 4G and WiFi.)

I keep having to use the old AC app that I am still not a fan uf, but at least it updates well for me.

I'm seeing issues with posts that aren't up to date either. I'm not sure if that's a Currents issue or something is going on with the RSS feed. If it's taking forever to sync manually, remove all of your trending topics. Those get synced up first and take a massive amount of time.

Syncing is about twelve hours behind. Google probably underestimated how much people would try and use this. Goodbye flipboard. And goodbye BGR.

Edit: just checked and it is much better now. Plus I made changes to my sync schedule.

Not at all, I think it's terrible. Why are we going back to the days of syncing? They should have put effort into prettying up The Google Reader App and adding an offline capability to it.

Hey guys, I'd be really curious to know if you ever followed up on this story. Did Currents make any difference for you and do people still read your content there? Thanks!